The Great Pinterest Pumpkin Project is Complete

I have this crazy relationship with Pinterest that goes something like this:

From my phone I start pinning all these great crafts, recipes and styles because it makes me think (out loud): “Oh I love that idea” “That would look amazing on my living room wall” “So cute and so easy to do” “Yum, I could make that tonight” “This would be perfect for (fill in the blank)” BUT THEN I DO NOTHING!

I keep thinking all these great crafts and foods I see on Pinterest will come in handy at one point in my life so I pin and pin and pin. This weekend was different, call it the crazy hair up my “@$$” or just me being sick of seeing great ideas go to waste, but I actually finished a Pinterest project (applause).

{I will call this my “The Great Pinterest Pumpkin Project”}

The sole reason I love to carve pumpkins is because I love homemade roasted pumpkin seeds and this year I thought I would get crafty with the design. What do you think? It was pretty fun to make, you can follow my step by step instructions below or you can check on the pin I used to create The Great Pinterest Pumpkin from my “Want to do Crafts” board.

Step 1 – carve the bottom of your pumpkin so you can get your hands up in the guts.

Step 2 – dig out the guts! You will want to scrape pretty good for a later step, trust me on this!

Step 3 – if you want to eat the Pumpkin seeds (recipe below) you will want to separate seeds in a colander for easy rinsing of the pumpkin guts.

Step 4 – I went ahead and worked on getting the seeds roasted at this point so that I could enjoy them when I was done with my project. I just rinsed them, dried them a bit, added spray olive oil to a pan and spread them out evenly. Then added seasoned salt and put in the oven for 20 minutes at 300 degrees. Turned them over and baked for another 20 minutes. YUM!

Step 5 – Back to the Great Pinterest Pumpkin Project! You will want to tape off your pumpkin for even drilling OR you can wing it but I wasn’t brave enough to try that.

Step 6 – Once you have taped, you will want to start drilling holes. Keep in mind that you will be adding string lights so you’ll want to use a small drill bit and size them up with your lights.

Step 7 – Go ahead and put your hand back up the pumpkin and push a string of lights (one light per hole) in each hole. I had to use 100 to fill all the holes in my pumpkin. Be sure to count!


Enjoy your “designer” pumpkin and delicious roasted seeds!

2 thoughts on “The Great Pinterest Pumpkin Project is Complete

  1. You are awesome Jesy!!! I can’t wait to see it. That was pretty pinteresting……..We may have to try this next year! Love, Mom

  2. Pretty ‘pinteresting’…..I see your Mom is pretty crafty herself 😉
    I signed up for Pinterest but as of yet have never done anything with it. Still not sure what to do. In my house if Nick can’t explain something on the computer to me I usually skip it and I am not thinking he is a ‘pinteresting’ guy. Maybe someday you can educate me cause I really like your pumpkin!

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