The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

For the past month (clearly I’m a procrastinator) we’ve been gearing up for this one day, December 25th. All the decorating, shopping, cooking, crafting and wrapping has led us to 24 hours of pure Christmas spirit. And this year George and I were able to watch it all unfold through the eyes of toddlers. Mason (2 year old nephew), Henry (1 year old nephew) and Abbey were so much fun to watch tear open presents and be giddy about what was inside but more importantly, they were giddy about the paper! There were so many presents and delicious food and oh so yummy wine but there was also so much laughter and love. I feel amazingly blessed to be surrounded by such a loving and caring family and three adorable little munchkins who brought so much joy to this holiday season. Mushy, mushy, mushy… I’ll move on!

Here are pictures of Abbey and her cousins enjoying Christmas day:

Toddler Christmas 2012


P.S. The ottoman’s in the top right picture (with Mason) and bottom left picture (with Henry) are ones that I made thanks to Pinterest and my mom. Mom and I worked on this all day last Sunday and it was a lot of fun learning to sew from my momma. Abbey also got an ottoman and I promise to post pictures of these beauties and instructions on how to make them very, very soon. And apparently I’m taking orders to make them as presents for my friend’s kids so just message me and I might just make one for you too!

P.P.S. Christmas was NOT ruined thanks to my in-law’s who got Abbey and Henry the Anywhere Chairs from Pottery Barn Kids. Check out my hectic rant from an earlier post when I lost my $100 Pottery Barn gift card.

P.P.P.S. The Pottery Barn gift card is still lost, boo!

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