Weight Check-in

Hellooooo….. {echo Hellooooo} I’m calling on my Post Preg Hot Mom Bod Self and she is no where to be found. It seems as though my weight loss energetic self has sort of checked out. But confession session time is about to begin!

The last time I checked in with a weight loss update was on October 30th and this was my proclamation to keep up my weight loss journey through Halloween, Abbey’s birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas and the new year get-togethers. Well, this didn’t happen. I mean, I did lose some weight but then I gained a little too. All in all I’m sitting at 177 right now and a bit bummed out that I didn’t make my 10% goal. The reasons are so obvious but still annoying because I didn’t track, I didn’t plan, I didn’t exercise (unless you call power shopping exercise?) and I really didn’t eat much of my meals at home.

I guess it could have been MUCH worse! And here are the numbers:

Starting weight on 8/7/12 = 193 lbs

Weight on 12/25/12 = 177 lbs (yes, I did weigh myself on Christmas morning)

Total loss = 16 lbs

Post Christmas Breakfast = gain of about 3 pounds from all the crispy bacon, Grandma’s coffee cake, and my mom’s famous biscuits and gravy. 

Again, it could have been much worse but it super frustrating that I only lost 2 pounds in 2 months. Another tiny confession, in Weight Watchers you get points and if you are a nursing mother you get additional points because of the calories your body burns. I forgot to factor that in my points for one whole month after I stopped nursing and was essentially eating 8 additional points that I was not “allowed” to have in my plan. During that month I actually gained 2 pounds but was able to correct myself and when I weighed in on Christmas morning I actually said “YES” out loud because I lost one of those extra pounds again.  OH how I can’t wait to start training for the Flying Pig and earning those extra points back into my plan!

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