Swimming, Swimming, in a Swimming Pool



Splashing around every Saturday is our new favorite thing to do with Abbey! On the plus side she is learning the fundamentals of swimming and pool safety. I was excited to sign her up for this class as a fun winter activity but didn’t think much of the pool safety aspect. Best practices like jumping off the side of the pool but then immediately turning Abbey right back around to get back to the side of the pool just might save her life one day. Our instructor has been teaching this Aqua Baby class (now called SKI) at the Blue Ash YMCA for almost 30 years. She is helping us to teach Abbey to blow bubble, kick her feet, move her arms, lie on her back (float?) and the fine art of pool water splashing. If you haven’t sign your tot up for this class, I encourage you to do so. S-O M-U-C-H F-U-N!Abbey_Daddy_Swimming

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