{GIVEAWAY} Crinkles The Dog Who Couldn’t Woof Book – CLOSED!

Had to share this great news! After the giveaway of Crinkles The Dog Who Couldn’t Woof book, I received an email from the winner. Becky said this about her new book:

Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I received the book yesterday.  We read it at bedtime last night and absolutely loved it!  What an awesome book!!  Thank you both so much!  We really appreciate it.
I’m so excited for Becky and I’m thrilled for the new author, C.J. Goff!!
For the past few weeks all I have heard my friends (Isaiah, Heather and Corey) talk about is how their friend, Chris, published a children’s book and that it was super cute and great for the whole family to enjoy. Then last week, Corey posted on Facebook that he had just received his very own copy of the book and said it was “easily one of my favorite kids books.” Duh, I had to get my hands on this hot little book too!

Crinkles The Dog Who Couldn't 'Woof' by C.J. GoffCrinkles The Dog Who Couldn’t ‘Woof’ is an adorable book that is so fun to read. Each page is full of rhymes telling a story of Crinkles the dog who gets help from his great Woof-fairy in a journey to finally get a chance to ‘woof’!

This book has a “never-give-up” message,  no matter how hard you try, even if  you don’t get what you want the first few times you try, there is always a way if you work hard. Crinkles had to do some pretty silly things that the great Woof-fairy suggested for him in order to woof. You and your little ones will love reading about the silly things Crinkles does just so that he can WOOF!

You and your family can get your hands on a copy of this book too by going to Amazon and then choose which version you’d like; paperback or Kindle edition OR you can win a copy!

{Giveaway Details} C.J. Goff himself wants to send a copy of Crinkles The Dog Who Couldn’t ‘Woof’ to one lucky Herron Nest reader. Might it be you? Keep reading to find out what you need to do for a chance to win! One winner will be chosen at 11:30am on Friday, March 15. Winners are always chosen using Random.org. Entrants must be 18 years of age to enter. I will announce the winners here on the blog. Winners have 24 hours to respond (please make sure you give me your email address) and will need to give me their address so that the book can be sent to you.

{How can YOU win?} And just like the great Woof-Fairy asked Crinkles to do silly things so that he could woof, I’m asking you to do a few silly things so that you and your family can enjoy Crinkles The Dog Who Couldn’t ‘Woof’ too! Please read this book to me daddy!

1. Please LIKE Crinkles The Dog Who Couldn’t ‘Woof’ Facebook page then leave a comment telling me that you did so, this would equal ONE entry.

2. Please Follow Crinkles The Dog Who Couldn’t ‘Woof’ on Twitter then leave a comment telling me that you did so, this would equal ONE entry.

3. Please go to Crinkles The Dog Who Couldn’t ‘Woof’ website then leave a comment with ONE fact about the author C.J. Goff in the comment, this would equal ONE entry.

4. Please leave a comment on this blog telling me your family’s all-time favorite children’s book.

Wooo hooo, FOUR chances to win this great book! Good luck everyone!

8 thoughts on “{GIVEAWAY} Crinkles The Dog Who Couldn’t Woof Book – CLOSED!

    • Becky, you WON the Crinkles The Dog Who Couldn’t Woof book giveaway!!! I’m going to email the author and copy you so that we can get this book shipped to you and your family. Please respond to the email within 24 hours. Thank you for participating!!

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