{Circus Recap} We had SO MUCH F.U.N.

Wow, we had so much fun at the circus! I was pretty excited to bring Abbey but I didn’t realize how excited she would actually be over all the circus entertainment. Bringing a 15-month toddler to the circus is a bit of a risk but she did great. Mom, Dad, and Sandy were also enjoying the show and this year’s theme, DRAGONS. There is still time to get in a show at US Bank Arena, check out the remaining dates and times then pack up your family and get to the circus.

Here are some pictures from the circus, if you want to see them all you can go to my album by clicking HERE.

Circus 2013 017

Circus 2013 026

Circus 2013 029

One last awesome thing to talk about, before the show there was a special bloggers event and myself and other mom bloggers got to talk to some of the circus mothers that are in the show. Three moms were giving us the behind-the-scenes details such as school and nursery for the kids who travel with their parents in the circus and how they actually travel from city to city. Here are some pictures from our pre-show experience.

Circus 2013 009

And this was FANTASTIC to see so close up!

Circus 2013 022and for those who want to WATCH the elephant actually dunking the ball, check out my video below:

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