Ready for Cincinnati Reds Baseball Season!

At The Herron Nest, we are ALL ready for some Cincinnati Reds baseball! So much, that the new Cincinnati Reds hat (George recently picked up for his baseball fantasy draft night), is now the new favorite toy for Abbey. Thought I would share the picture and give in to the Cincinnati Reds baseball fever that everyone else in this town is feeling too. Can you believe that people actually sit outside the Great American Ballpark in the cold waiting to purchase tickets for Opening Day, April 1st? Apparently there are only 1,500 tickets available and you can start camping out at 9am on March 22nd. NO THANKS! We’ll just wear daddy’s hat and giggle around here.

Abbey and Daddy playingAnd yes, George is wearing Abbey’s headband. But really, it is only fair because she stole his Cincinnati Reds hat!

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