2013 Florida Vacation Highlights

Going on vacation with a toddler takes a bit more prepping than going on vacation with an infant, but it was well worth it to get away with my two loves. Also, I can’t thank my in-laws enough for hosting us and helping to make the week so amazing. I have to share some highlights (both in pictures and videos) from our week in Florida.

Easter egg hunt at MarVista{Easter Egg Hunting} How many kids get to say that they went to their first Easter egg hunt on the beach? Abbey gets to say that because she got to do it TWICE! The first hunt was hosted by one of our favorite restaurants, MarVista, on Longboat Key. We were welcomed by a buffet of food and coffee and surrounded by 150 other kids. Abbey really had a great time and had some good egg-loot by the time we left. She did upset a few other kiddos when she “stole” eggs out of their bucket but was happy when we re-planted her eggs so she could find them again. We played with the eggs the whole rest of the week, they were especially fun when Ab played on the beach.

{Visiting Great-Greats} Abbey is so lucky to be surrounded by family ALL the TIME and vacation was no different. Not only did we spend the week with Grandma and Pappa Herron but we also visiting my great aunt and uncle (Sue and Jack Martin) in Leesburg, Florida. We hung out, checked out visiting Great GreatsPappa Wenstrup’s new boat, shopped at Bealls and went to Takis for dinner. Takis is Pappa Herron’s favorite place  because the calzone he orders is literally the size of Abbey when she was born. Of course when we visited Abbey was spoiled! Couldn’t leave Great-Great’s house without a few fun Easter presents including a Mickey book that sings, “Hot dog, Hot dog, Hot diggity dog” when you press his nose.

{Chef Mickey + Disney World} WOW, just WOW! Abbey had such an amazing time meeting all of her favorite Disney characters at Chef Mickey for breakfast. But before we were able to dine, we did some shopping at the gift shop outside the restaurant. Abbey found a Minnie purse that she immediately put on the crook of her arm and then continued to browse around the store and literally said, “CUTE” when she was checking out princess shoes. Yes, she is totally my daughter! I wouldn’t be a good mom unless I showed off the videos that my mother-in-law took of Abbey meeting the characters. If you don’t want to watch them all (like Abbey still does EVERYDAY) then you’ll need to at least watch “Party time” because it’s my favorite.


Donald Duck

Mickey Mouse

Party Time

Minnie Mouse


{Loving the Beach} I truly feel like God created the most perfect daughter for me, I could not have picked one out better if I tried…this little girl LOVES the beach! George and I took turns one day chasing Abbey up and down the gulf shore while she ran, giggled, played, collected shells, made friends and enjoyed chasing the waves. Abbey truly loved spending lots of time on the beach and we truly enjoyed watching her take it all in.


3 thoughts on “2013 Florida Vacation Highlights

  1. Yes HE did create the most perfect daughter for you! I loved ‘party time’ too but those beach pictures just get to me. Such a great time for you all.

  2. And like your Mom, I love that Abbey loves the beach because while your Dad and Bill keep working (because they love their jobs so much!), your Mom and I will be wintering in Florida each year after Christmas,and Abbey will of course be visiting :))))

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