Cauliflower Pizza Perfected + New Toppings

I’m quite sure I’ve talked about how the worst part of cooking is the clean up. Nothing has changed on this front but because I made the mess I might as well get some mileage out of the disaster area of a kitchen – I made 4 pizza crusts for me (1 complete pizza with details below) and 2 mini pizza crusts for Abbey.


The cauliflower pizza crusts is FINALLY perfected and my new topping of buffalo chicken has made this my new favorite pizza of all time.

I got the recipe from Sandy’s Kitchen where she calls it Cauliflower Buffalo Chicken Pizza. It is almost a complete Lean and Green meal, you are shy one green which I decided to do as a side salad to my pizza. The bad news was that you are out of condiments at this point so the side salad was dry. Sandy suggests that you add 1/2 cup lettuce and 1/4 cup chopped tomatoes (1 green) to your pizza and you can even fold in half as a pita.

This time around I had Abbey try the crust and she loved it, I can’t wait to make her a pizza from the two little crusts I made for her.


As a final FYI, I am freezing the left over crusts. I pack them in a freezer ziplock bag with the parch paper in between each crust. I don’t too them until I’m ready to bake. These crusts do freeze well and taste just as delicious once thawed and baked for a quick meal.

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