Pregnancy Things To Note

There are a few things that have recently occurred to me about being pregnant that I don’t want to forget. I would warn you and say that these are mostly random, but if you know me well enough that should go without saying.

baby_bump_sign_stickers-reefd641d2f15435d9e61bac5a80992e2_v9waf_8byvr_512{Pregnancy Thing To Note #1}

When wearing normal person panty hose the top portion of the panty hose does not stay on the bump. Instead, it does this annoying thing where it rolls down the bump in a super tight roll that takes approximately five minutes to undue when you are trying to fix. This occurs when you sit down or move in any way. Not that I EVER enjoyed panty hose to begin with but I thought it would be cute to wear this maternity dress with tights and boots. Super cute fall thing to wear. I’m hoping that I can get my hands on maternity panty hose for the next time I wear this outfit.

{Pregnancy Thing To Note #2}

My nose is constantly draining and runny. No, I do not have a cold. No, I do not have allergies. I am simply pregnant with this extra mucus membrane thing going on. It is somewhat embarrassing when I’m in the middle of a meeting at work and then all of a sudden the drainage just starts going crazy and I’m trying to not act like a kid and wipe it on my sleeve.

{Pregnancy Thing To Note #3}

On a more positive note, it is so nice to pull the pregnancy card and have your husband take your boots and socks off for you when you are tired. It is also nice to have back rubs a LOT when you are pregnant. And it is really great to have a husband that makes it appoint to go get your prenatal vitamin and chocolate milk or at the very least puts the vitamins in a super obvious place so you don’t forget to take it. Come to think of it, I’m just a lucky girl to have such an amazing husband that takes care of me while pregnant. #luckyme

{Pregnancy Thing To Note #4}

Keeping on the positive note, I absolutely love talking with Abbey about Baby Squishy. She is going to be a great big sister! She will forget that Squishy exists but then all of a sudden she will remember when she is lying on me and there is this bump in her way and she will find my belly button and say, “tickle tickle Squisy” (the “h” is silent). Or she will share binky and quite literally try to shove that in my belly button too!

{Pregnancy Thing To Note #5}

There is so much to look forward to when you are pregnant. The next doctor appointment when you get to hear the heartbeat. The next ultrasound when you get to see the baby to count fingers and toes and make sure all is a-ok. Finding out the sex of the baby and sharing that moment with your family and friends. All the fun things to buy new baby because even if it is another girl, this baby would need things of its own too!

{Pregnancy Thing To Note #6}

Even though I feel like a grumpy, bitchy, sleepy, blah-blah, yuckity blob (deep breath) I still love, love, love being pregnant and all the tickles and movements and connections with the baby during pregnancy.

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