Full-Time Working Momma or Bust

One series of questions I get on a more than regular basis since having Jack are the following:

One of our many adventures from this past weekend.

One of our many adventures from this past weekend.

– Have you gone back to work?


– Wow, already, how’s that been? 

The answer to the second question is the one I say with a smirky smile and sort of feel guilty when I say it. My answer goes a little like this: I AM back to work and I’m loving it! 

Which is typically followed up with…..

– Do you miss them?

um, DUH! 

So why do I feel guilty for going back to work? I shouldn’t feel guilty for loving what I do, I should feel blessed, grateful, successful, ect. but instead I feel deep-down that my answer should be something like this: Ugh, yeah I’m back to work but I wish I had 4 more weeks with my babies. The truth is really that I DO love my babies and I DO miss them while at work but I feel like my calling is to be a full-time working momma, not a stay at home one. I give mad props to the ladies and gents who stay home with their kiddos and I give mad props to the grandma and grandpa’s and the babysitters who love my kids while I’m out fulfilling my purpose as a human being – working in corporate ‘murica.

But look at how much fun she is having!! #worthit

But look at how much fun she is having!! #worthit

There are some serious downsides to working full-time, I seriously run my family bonkers on the weekends. It’s like I’m trying to make up for the time lost during the week but jam-packing every fun thing I can think of into two days. Especially during the summer, that is when I’m a family event planner extraordinaire, or at least I think I am. We are at the zoo in the morning, pool in the afternoon, swing set outside while grilling out in the evening followed up with a movie kind of family. And that is a LOW-KEY day!

Please tell me I’m not abnormal – please tell me that there are other full-time working momma’s out there that are feeling the same way, pretty please 🙂

Had to add one of Jack too, he's just so damn cute and such a good sport about his momma's crazy antics!

Had to add one of Jack too, he’s just so damn cute and such a good sport about his momma’s crazy antics!

9 thoughts on “Full-Time Working Momma or Bust

  1. Jes! Don’t kill yourself, your kids don’t know how much they should be doing, so I would save my energy/money for when they get older. It seems like you are doing a lot in one day…it is the quality of the time you spend with them that is important, not what you are doing with them. Face and hugging time are sometimes more important than the zoo, the pool, etc. Just a little advice from an old mom!!


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  2. Jess,
    You are not alone!! I LOVE my job as a kindergarten teacher and couldn’t wait to get back to school to see how much they have grown in 6 weeks. I also LOVE my job as a mom (Lukas is just over 2 months) and it makes me want to snuggle him even more when I get home at night. When I’m home all day, the first thing I do when Tim gets home is hand the little bugger off. The hardest part for me right now is no one gets how much I love coaching swimming and I want to go back. Everyone tells me I need to give it up. So… I get where you’re coming from!!! I say enjoy what you are doing because we all need our little ‘outlets’.


    • So so so true Megan! I work from home on Tuesday which I love but I can tell that the one day is enough because I’m ready for George to take over the second he walks in the door too. Also, congratulations on Baby Lukas! He and Jack are so close in age, how fun. Keep your outlet girl!!

  3. I hear you! Being intentional with your time with the kids is so, so important to keep it from slipping away. But remember some of that time can be intentional leisure, too! 🙂 But that’s just my personality – I can tell we’re different in that area. I need time to “just be.” If your kids are loved, safe, and happy, it’s working – whatever you’re doing.

  4. There is room for all types of Mom’s in this world and no way is the right way, just different. As soon as I could be a stay at home Mom, I jumped at the chance and to this day (with grown sons) I still relish my time with them when I am not at work (with Nick off from college for the summer and Josh living on the next street working a flexible schedule…). That being said, I had no family here to help care for my young kids; but if I had I probably would have never gotten off the ‘corporate merry go round’ as I too loved it….but day care out there, although some is great, is not really my cup of tea so home I stayed. Throw in caring for an ageing Mom and my days are packed!
    So what you are doing is absolutely right for you, and considering how you ‘rock’ your job, you go girl!!! I know your kids are loved at all times so no worries 🙂

  5. You know I’ve been doing the full-time working mom thing for years now. It’s hard, but so is staying home. The key is doing what you want and what’s best for your fam — whatever blend works! So keep on doing what you want and loving those kids. You’ll be fine 🙂

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