Four Months Big

This journey of becoming a mom of two has been pure joy! Yes, my house is an absolute disaster. Yes, I have little time for friends. Yes, my weekends are mostly comprised of laundry and kiddo activities. But, hey! That’s what I always wanted and I’m blessed to have such a chaotic messy home that is filled with laughter and love all the time. And can you believe it? Jack Edward is FOUR months big!

Jack has been to California and back, he has begun this amazing personality filled with baby giggles that are crazy infectious and he has won over his big sisters heart (well, ours too). Jack-Jack is lovable and so “squishy” as Ab used to call him while I was prego. His chunker cheeks and thighs are so kissable and I love his looks that he gives me, there is already a mother-son bond growing.

Needless to say, I know that people have said that every mom deserves a daughter (I think the motive here is payback) but every mother needs a son too. My friend, Kristi Jones, explained her relationship to her son and her daughter to me once and I’m really starting to scratch the surface of understanding what she was talking about that day. So much to look forward to but in the meantime there is still so much to enjoy. Check out the pics below of Jack at four months (wish I could find his stickers that aunt Kat gave me, messy house remember!)

4 months big

4 months big

What else is Jack doing at 4 months? 

We gave him a taste of cereal, he did pretty good! Mostly tried to suck it off the spoon like a nipple but hey, can you blame him? That’s all he knows! Jack also started rolling over from tummy to back and did it two times the Monday we got back from California (7/21) and he is trying to go from back to belly. Jack is also trying to sit up from a propped position with him still lying on his back he will try to use that big belly to pull himself up! Or if he is propped up at angle on the couch he will try to sit up. Most of the time he will topple over to the side or go straight forward and land his head into his lap. 

We we couldn’t be more proud of big sister Abbey, she is so sweet to Jack. Sharing toys, lots of kisses and her general concern is genuine. One of my favorite one-liners from Ab about Jack is when you ask her what he eats, she will say “bottles and boobies!” Thank you to our sitter for that one 🙂 


6 thoughts on “Four Months Big

  1. Thank you so much for the Jack. I do love reading about how much the Herron clan is growing and I’m able to keep up with Kathy’s stories about about all the grandkids a little better. I love reading about his progress because Lukas is a few weeks behind Jack and it’s nice to hear that he’s on a similar page. I know every child develops at his/her own rate but I’m clueless about babies. So far I’ve got the boobies and bottles down, cloth diapering is becoming a breeze, and that car seat becomes less and less of a mystery each day. Anything outside these areas, I’m stumped. Give me a classroom full of kindergareners and I can keep them entertained for hours. 1 baby still frightens the crap out if me!

    • Awwww, thanks for being a “fan” and reading our posts I’m happy to share something that is useful to you. I’m happy to share any info/deets that would help make your life easier. Not saying that I have this down to a science or anything but always happy to share what works for us. One of the funniest things that our children do is they let us believe that we have this parenting thing down….and then all of a sudden they will make a small change that creates the biggest ripple 🙂 ENJOY every moment!

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