About Jesy

Here are the ways I would describe myself: passionate, loud, outgoing, motivated, mostly patient and I love to laugh. I’m a  mom to Abbey Road Herron and a mom to a loving guardian angel whom we call Hope.

The journey to create this blog, The Herron Nest, came to be when I was first pregnant with Hope. George and I wanted to capture the joys of pregnancy, the not-so-joyful part of pregnancy and continue to follow up  about our growing family. A blog was the perfect choice for us. We both enjoy communicating and have such a large loving family and network of friends to communicate to. What we did not know was that our blog was also going to be a way of communicating about such heartache and pain of the loss of our first daughter. {You can read my version here: Baby Herron: Jesy’s Version} However, from the ashes of this blog we also decided that since we are treating our selves like an open book that we will continue to do so and kept the blog going so that our audience could keep up with our progress of trying again. I am now pregnant with our second daughter a mother to our second daughter, Abbey Road, and have had a blast creating updates again about the joys of being pregnant and now the joys of being a mom to a beautiful daughter.

Thank you for following The Herron’s on this journey, I look forward to posting many more exciting updates about Abbey Road and the joys of motherhood.

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