How Does Our Garden Grow {Keehner Style}

Gardening is one of my ABSOLUTE favorite hobbies and one that I love sharing with my kids.  Since moving into our new house I’ve struggled to find a great place for our vegetable garden. Out of ease and with my “hurry get it done” attitude, the veggies were planted along the back of the house very close to the brick that gets the afternoon sun. Needless to say this area hasn’t proven to be the most successful for gardening and we decided to make a change for this summer.

Ta-Da! IMG_5857 IMG_5858

Look at the beautiful box gardens that Mr. Herron and Rick built for us and we have certainly utilized every last inch of space for the veggies this summer:

  • Grape Tomatoes
  • Sun Gold Tomatoes
  • Big Wonder Tomatoes
  • Mystery Tomato courtesy of Sandy, courtesy of my Mom, courtesy of my Uncle Tom – this will be a miracle tomato plant if it produces!
  • Squash
  • Zucchini
  • Chocolate Peppers
  • Orange Bell Peppers
  • Yellow Bell Peppers
  • Sassy Peppers (I think these are red bells??)
  • Garden Salsa Peppers (on the spicy side)
  • Basil
  • Rosemary
  • Cilantro
  • Cucumbers

My mouth is WATERING just thinking about the yumminess that we are going to produce this summer. All we need to do now is give it some water and love. Hoping to have as much success as we did on Willfleet, I love going back to this blog post to remember my little garden helper and the beautiful plants that surprised the heck out of me. This year my Abbey-girl and Jack were both helping and I think their green thumbs will prove to be good luck. THUMBS UP!

IMG_5859 The Herron Nest Garden

They Say It’s Your Birthday, Happy Birthday To Abbey

What joy when we saw Abbey’s face as she began her third year! She is {mostly} such a happy, thoughtful, caring, considerate, and FUNNY little girl. Watching her transition from baby to toddler to now a mini-little girl has been a fascinating journey to follow.

Crap, Abbey bdayNot sure about birthday celebrations in your family but our celebrations typically last about a week and this birthday is no different. The celebrations began on the Thursday before her birthday when George and I met at Abbey’s school to celebrate with her preschool classmates. Daddy showed up with donut holes, which are THE most popular item to bring into a classroom of three-year-olds. The teachers encourage it and the kiddos go bonkers for it but of course they have it RIGHT before they leave. Coincidence? I think not! Abbey was wearing the birthday hat and all her friends at school sang their special birthday song and made Ab her very own special birthday “cake” during the song. She was glowing and smiling ear-to-ear! It was great to also get to see her in action with her friends at school. Celebration #1

On her actual birthday, Ab woke up in a great mood and was quickly greeted by baby brother for some snuggle time in mommy and daddy’s bed, which they both love. She was of course so excited to see Jack and actually sang him the “HappyIMG_3944 Birthday” song! Daddy missed some of the snuggles but he had an important job, picking up the birthday donuts for the birthday girl to have at breakfast and for her to share at soccer. Again, donut holes are the best treat to share with little ones. When daddy got home there was some morning present opening to be had and of course a brand new pink soccer ball and Doc McStuffin water bottle were a big hit. Balloons were just icing on the cake. After she opened these little gifts she was so happy and thanked us right away for her “best birthday presents ever.” Thinking back, George and I could have stopped there but of course we had more treats up our sleeve…when will we learn that a cardboard box is just as much fun as the $50 toys you buy at the store? Celebration #2

Off to soccer we go! Ab was REALLY excited to put her new pink soccer ball to use and also to share it with her other little soccer friends. We immediately went on to the field to talk to CIMG_3955oach Nicole (great coach at Wall2Wall in Mason) and then started kicking the ball and sharing with a little boy whom we have never met, but hey! Then Grandma and Grandpa Bird (Herron) showed up. Then Uncle Matt, Aunt Jami and Bubby showed up. Then Neighbor (Sandy) showed up. Then Grandma and Grandpa Weazel (Wenstrup) showed up, what a crowd! Uncle Matt came onto the field RIGHT away and took over as Ab’s buddy, no surprises here! Aunt Jami made an appearance on the field and really gave George and I a break this time. After her “game” we hauled off to play and each at Chick-fil-a, our favorite Saturday post-game lunch. Uncle Matt, Aunt Jami and Bubby were all there to have a birthday lunch celebration… you guessed it, Celebration #3

Our FINAL celebration (Celebration #4) was with our friends and family back at the house, our spoiled little girl was excited to have everyone at the house for dinner, cake and ice cream and more presents. What a great way to ring in the third year of life…remember this kiddo when you ask for a sweet-16 birthday or even when you are 21 that a lunch date at Chick-fil-a and some donut holes were the favorite birthday treats back then. We love you Abbey Road, thank you for being such a sweet girl. 

Thankful for My Family

Here are the latest updates in the world of The Herron Nest – lots of sibling snuggles and LOTS of upgrades around the house to prep for Thanksgiving. To say that we are busy is the understatement of the month but we are all healthy and happy and that is the biggest blessing.

IMG_3829Abbey – she is turning THREE in a few days and that makes me want to burst into happy tears! She has been such a light in our lives with her sparkling personality and witty words. {More on this in another post, can’t fit it all here} She is the best big sister and prides herself on knowing that she can get Jack to laugh at her all the time. Dinner takes about two hours but we are lucky to have them act so sweet to each other. The picture where she looks like Hollywood is from her very first dentist appointment. On the way into the building she grabbed my hand and told me she was going to be brave and that she was! It took a few minutes to get her in the chair but with the help of a Doc McStuffins book and the great staff, she was in the chair in no time and really enjoyed checking out her teeth. Our dentist, also our neighbor, gave us the grim news about binky and how it is effecting her teeth. We tried to get rid of the bink cold turkey and MAN did George and I pay for this dearly. We have cut her back to only at night and it feels like I’m weaning my toddler off crack or something. Lucky it is not her thumb!

IMG_3862Jack – my little monster is almost 8 months old, has two teeth and is THIS.CLOSE. to crawling. Little boy can get up on all fours, rock back and forth, has moved ONE knee then he falls to the ground and army crawls instead. He is super fast in his walker keeping both Ab and Housch on their toes. Or keeping Housch hiding from Jack in the living room where he is safe…for now. There are lots of babbles and some “da-da-da” going on these days plus his new favorite game is playing peek-a-boo with big sister. He has constant entertainment with all the toys, Abbey, grandparents, Abbey, cousins, Abbey, the dog, and ABBEY! Jack’s world is 100% his big sister, she makes him laugh, she plays with him, she snuggles him, she squeezes him and basically they adore each other. Not sure if it is the age difference or how what we have done but so far it has been the right formula. Sleep….well, we are working on that. He is doing better in his crib but man we were spoiled with princess sleeps-alot!

IMG_3786George and I are trying to not kill each other with the house updates, I have the HARDEST time focusing on what needs to be done and therefore try to tackle one hundred projects at once. My mom has begun painting the family room and our goal is to have that complete before Thanksgiving. The bedrooms are mostly complete and I seriously am in love with our bedroom, in the words of Abbey, it is “comfy-cozy.” We did get away as just the two of us to two amazing concerts, we saw Paul McCartney and Garth Brooks live in Kentucky this past month. If you ever get the opportunity to see either, DO IT! Loved seeing Paul again and Garth was a fantastic entertainer in the LOUDEST arena ever, Rupp. #BBNation was insane and I can’t wait to go back to Lexington, seriously loved it.

IMG_3828Many more exciting things are happening at The Herron Nest, we couldn’t be more blessed! So many people and opportunities to be thankful for this year. We are surrounded by our family who loves us all so much, George is doing great at work and was just promoted to a new position which gives him the title of B.A. (truth) and the house is slowly coming together which feels like a home more and more every day – even though we are exhausted! As you know, when one project ends the other is just beginning and so we feel like we are chasing our own tail sometimes. P.S. buy stock in Ikea and Home Depot, QUICK!

Being together as a family during the upcoming holidays is such a blessing and I hope that all of our readers are just as lucky!

Super Stars in the Making

The ladies of this Herron household are never shy around the camera and this time there is an informative video to prove it. Abbey and I were stars in the latest video produced by US Digital Partners for Pampers Kandoo to help introduce the Kandoo Potty Training Guide and Tools.

Timing is PERFECT! George and I are ready to introduce potty training to Abbey and we think the Potty Training Toolkit that Kandoo offers is the right tool and system for us and our family. We’d love for Abbey to be walking into preschool this fall wearing her big-girl-underwear versus packing the diapers and wipes. Not too mention that we are already using diapers for Jack so one less would save us a lot of money.

Check out the video to hear my advice on potty training and check out the cuteness of Abbey, as she is really the star!

Don’t forget to checkout the free tools with your very own free potty training guide, bathroom chart, door hanger and certificate provided here:

My Squishy, Snuggly Babies Look Alike

When you have a baby one of the most hilarious games that friends and family instantly play is “who does baby look like” game. The comparisons with Abbey were to my baby picture, George’s baby picture, my adult self, his adult self, and other family members as well. But when Jack was born there was no doubt in my mind that he looked like a “skinnier” version of his big sister, Abbey. I will agree that Jack resembles others as well like his Grandpa Herron and his baby picture, his Uncle CJ and his baby picture but there is no doubt when you look at the comparison below that my squishy, snuggly babies look damn near identical.

Guess Which Baby Herron

Abbey is on the left at almost 3 months old and Jack is on the right at 2.5 months old! The similarities in them are endless and lucky us they are both so damn cute!


Time Flies With Two {Abbey is 2.5 years old & Jack is 2 months old}

I was just looking at my last blog post, woah! There has been so much change in my life since mid-March that I almost feel like a completely different person. Too much to tell you about so I’ll have to give the highlights:

Jack Edward HerronMarch 25th – gave birth to one adorable baby boy, Jack Edward Herron at 8:04am thanks to the amazing Dr. Caligaris. Jack weighed 7lbs 7 oz and was 19-3/4″ long. Big sister Abbey was a bit nervous about seeing mommy in a hospital bed but was a big help right from the start. Jack and I stayed in the hospital from Tuesday morning (5:30am yuck) till about 10am the following Friday. Jack left the hospital a bit smaller than when he was born but all the nurses and doctor felt that he was doing fine because he was nursing so often and having many dirty diapers… MANY!

We were thankful for the visitors and sooooo many people loving on both my babes while we were in the hospital. So thankful for all the help that we received, it would not have been such a smooth and enjoyable experience if it wasn’t for all of our friends and family.

April 7th – we closed on Willfleet and sold our house officially then a few hours later we closed on Keehner Ridge and bought the house of our dreams. THEN one hour after that we started on the many projects that needed to be done before we could move in.


Top left – Leaving Willfleet, Top Right – Keehner Ridge, Bottom – Construction!

Believe it or not, we were moving in and actually were able to sleep there only three weeks after the construction started. The team of help was amazing and 100% overworked. George, Mom, Dad, Scrooge, Kathy, Big Guy, Sandy, Bill, Mrs. B, Paul, Rick, Grandpa O., Uncle Tom and Aunt Teresa are all amazing angels! Can’t wait to have them all over for steak dinners one night (when we are more settled in).

Then there was Abbey, Jack and me living at Scrooge’s house – George basically just slept there – while recovering from the c-section. Sprinkle in Easter, more construction at the house, and then move-in weekend.


Jack one monthApril 25th – Jack is one month old and weighing in at a whomping 11lbs 4oz (77%) and measuring 21.25″ (25%). So basically our baby boy is short and very stout, haha. I was ecstatic for the weight gain especially since he was only 7lbs 4oz at his first check up which was only 6 days from birth.  I remember Abbey being on the opposite spectrum at this check up. She was longer at this point and was more in the 75th percentile for her height and about the same for her weight. Abbey’s chunk was more distributed and Jack is just very round in the face and belly, poor baby has some serious chicken legs like his daddy. He just felt like a different baby than Abbey but I still very much see many similarities in their face. Many of the same expressions and of course they both love mommy’s boobs, haha!

Between Jack’s one-month appointment and two-month appointment there were many awesome things going on all at once. More painting and construction at Keehner Ridge including Abbey’s new swing set for the backyard, hosting our first family party – Mother’s Day, finishing Abbey and Jack’s play room, and just getting more and more settled in to the new house. We were able to have some fun with a stop to the zoo one day and a stop to the Butterfly exhibit at the Krohn’s Conservatory with Aunt Sue and Beth. We seriously picked a perfect day for the Butterfly show so we decided to hit up Washington Park and toured OTR for Aunt Sue.

Work has been really busy, which is a great thing, so I headed back a bit early to get on top of some projects that were calling my name. It was much easier leaving Jack than it was with Abbey but I sure do miss them both when I’m gone. Abbey has really enjoyed her time with me and I have been so blessed to see her grow in this fun age.Ab 2.5 years old

Just this past weekend we were at Fox Run and it was so fun to watch Abbey run around and dance and play with all the big kids. She is certainly a big personality and demands quite the attention when she is in a big group, not exactly sure where she gets this, haha! We spent my birthday and Memorial Day weekend in Brookville and we seriously could not have had a better weekend. The sun and fresh air was a perfect get away.

Whew, I think that just about catches up to speed!

May 22 – Abbey is 2.5 years old, we don’t celebrate 1/2 birthdays but we did just recently watch Alice In Wonderland so we did some “un-birthday” celebrating instead! We were able to weigh Ab while we took Jack in for his two-month check up and she is 29.75 lbs. No measurement on her height but she seems more big-kid looking to me these days versus toddler so I’m sure she has grown!

May 25 – Jack is two-months old and growing like weed! I should count his rolls next time he is in the bath tub as I clean in and around each one….the boy is huge! Jack now weighs 14lbs 9oz (91%) and measures 24 inches (88%) and I’m crossing my fingers that he also finds his daddy’s height versus being challenged like his momma. Jack is really starting to develop a personality with lots of cooing, smiling and even a small chuckle. He is entertained and not phased with Abbey all at once and really recognizes when I speak to him. Of course he does, he is damn near 15 lbs so he really knows who I am!

Jack 2 months

As a comparison to Abbey at 2 months old – she was only 13lbs 2oz and 23 inches long, can you believe she was smaller? I just remember thinking how huge she was when she was a baby so this little boy is really looking like a bruiser compared to Ab. Here is Abbey’s 2 month post for just a little trip down memory lane.

Thanks for bearing through 2 months of posts with me, I hope to stay on top of these in the future with updates for both Ab and Jack but as most of you know it is straight up redonk around here so no pinky promises!

You Might Recognize This Face on

If you are family then you surely know that my Abbey-girl has been working up to her 47 seconds of fame (literally) in a new video. What most of you do not know is that Abbey is also a cutie-pa-tutie face on a website too. I would be a crazy mom to NOT brag about this little opportunity for Abbey, she could be a movie star all because her momma’s work (US Digital Partners) wanted her in a video when she was two years old.

I’ll cut to the chase and share both the video and website where you can find Abbey’s Hollywood career starting pieces of work!

Abbey on

Please be sure to actually check Abbey out on the live website at and be sure to “thumbs-up” the video on the Boogie Wipes YouTube channel or leave a comment. It would be great to get a lot of traffic for the company that Abbey is representing as we truly do love the Boogie Wipes and Boogie Mist products at TheHerronNest!



Happy Holidays at The Herron Nest

We at The Herron Nest are feeling pretty blessed this holiday season. We have had a very merry Christmas with so many family gatherings, toys littered all over the floor and quality family-time with each other. Here are a few pics from the last week that sums up the pure joy from all of us.

Baking and decorating Christmas cookies, someone went crazy with the sprinkles

Baking and decorating Christmas cookies, someone went crazy with the sprinkles

Abbey checking out her bag that Santa left for her on Christmas Eve

Abbey checking out her bag that Santa left for her on Christmas Eve

Annual family photo on Christmas Eve

Annual family photo on Christmas Eve

Christmas morning snuggy-licious photo snap

Christmas morning snuggy-licious photo snap

Happy and very spoiled little elves

Happy and very spoiled little elves


We all had to show off our hot blue bods!

We all had to show off our hot blue bods!


Abbey and her Grandma Herron on Christmas night

Abbey and her Grandma Herron on Christmas night


Snuggling with Daddy as she checks out Santa at Kiesewetter Christmas

Snuggling with Daddy as she checks out Santa at Kiesewetter Christmas


Abbey's turn to sit on Santa's lap

Abbey’s turn to sit on Santa’s lap


Snuggling with her littlest cousin, Isabella.

Snuggling with her littlest cousin, Isabella


Meeting Jack in 3D

Meeting Jack in 3D

As I settle in on a Sunday night (football in the background of course), I’m reflecting on the last week and what a whirlwind it has been. No better way to wrap up Christmas than to see our baby boy in 3D – he is so handsome! I’m hoping for continued health for both Jack and myself in my last trimester. After seeing him and comparing his features to Abbey, I’m more excited to meet our little man but I’m cherishing these moments with Abbey as a family of three. What a great way to begin to wrap up 2013, such a great year!



OZO Play Cafe {The Herron Nest Review}

ozo play cafe logo I’ve heard nothing but great things about the indoor play cafe in Montgomery, OZO Play Cafe, so we had to try it out for ourselves. The location is extremely convenient, the play cafe is located on Montgomery Road in Montgomery across the street from Kroger. It is nestled in a plaza with Salon Lofts and Jet Pizza.

When you first walk in there are Ikea cubbies for the whole family to store shoes/purse/diaper bag so that you can enter the play area without tracking in dirt from your shoes. Mom’s you’ll want to make sure everyone is wearing socks (and maybe the socks with the rubber on the bottom for those that could easily fall) because part of the floor is concrete and cold this time of year. You then go to the back of the cafe to pay for your child to play, $8 for an all-day pass for the first child and $6 for the second child. Note – this is geared for children 6 and younger, they had a special area for 12 month and younger to play.

We arrived just before 11am and were there until about 12:30p and that was plenty of time for Ab to play but she of course wanted to stay longer. We first hung out playing with the train and wood track, but then we were off exploring the rest of the center. The slide and mini jungle gym, tumbling on the colorful mats, riding on a scooter, pushing the shopping cart full of food, playing with the animals (Ab was loving the lion and was yelling ROAR while chasing me), building with the blocks, more tumbling and then making everyone dinner in the kitchen area. Whew! I was a bit wore out but really there is so much for a toddler to do. We didn’t even get to the large chalkboard but I’m sure she would have loved that area too.

ozo tumbling_

ozo kitchen_TheHerronNest.comDefinitely a place I would recommend and a place I would bring Ab back to play. Actually, I did find out that they will be selling day pass gift cards as we get closer to the holidays. This is going to be a fun treat for both of my nephews for Christmas! *Side note, I really wanted to take half of these toys home especially the tumbling mats. So fun!

Another great idea is to host your kid’s birthday party at ozo. There are a few party packages and both seem reasonable enough plus you don’t have to clean your house or pick up when everyone leaves. You can go to the website for more information

The only cons from our experience is more a “me” problem but here it goes:

  • Parents that don’t follow the rules – arg! It says no shoes, so don’t come back in the play area with your shoes on. It says to put the toys that your child puts in their mouth in this separate bin, so DO IT!
  • Parents that don’t watch their kids – there was a little boy (probably around 5) that was riding the scooter at excessive speeds. One other parent that was standing near me actually said, “it is pretty funny to watch all of the other parents physically get tense when this little boy almost knocks down their own kid” PRETTY MUCH!
  • Self policing if your kid is sick – I made sure that we washed our hands right before we left and kept Ab from sticking her hands in her mouth just in case.

All-in-all I’m excited about the cafe as an indoor option during the winter months! And a MAJOR plus…. it really wore both her and George out!

ozo sleeping_TheHerronNest

Rear Facing Until 4 Years Old, Really!

This is my fair warning that this post might rub someone the wrong way, it is bound to happen since what I’m going to write about is a bit on the controversial side. But here I go….

new car seat

Happy 2nd Birthday Abbey!

We have decided to keep Abbey in a rear facing car seat until she is 4 years old. WHAT? OMG! The Herron’s are cray-cray! Yes, it is true, we are cray-cray but even more so we are crazy about keeping our little girl safe. We were actually all set and sort of excited about going to purchase Abbey another car seat to replace the one she uses in my car (her infant seat that holds her up to 30 lbs) and fully expected to turn her facing forward as soon as she turns two (11 days). We are very happy with our current car seat which is a Britax Marathon 70-G3 and decided we would go ahead and purchase the same one. While at Buy Buy Baby I was talking to the nice man in the car seats and stroller department about our graduation to forward facing car seat time. He looked at me, looked at Abbey and asked, “how old is she?” I told him she would be two in 11 days and were happy to turn her car seat around basically patting myself on the back for being the parent who kept her rear facing this long. WHAAP! That was my slap across the face because he basically schooled me on when I should actually turn a toddler around to a  forward facing car seat, age FOUR.

Buy Buy Baby was previously recommending that forward facing was okay at age two then they changed their tune to recommend keeping toddlers rear facing as long as possible after age two to now recommending that you do not turn your toddler forward facing until the ripe old age of four. His explanation went something like, the bones in their body don’t oscillate until they turn four years old and basically it was better for them to potentially break bones in their legs in a car accident versus having internal decapitation in an accident. That was it! I was already sold on the same car seat we have now but I was basically yelling for George because we would be keeping Abbey rear facing until 4 years old. Then of course I needed to dive into the Interwebs and find other articles and opinions that backed what the Buy Buy Baby guy was saying. I actually found that the child breaking their legs while rear facing was simply untrue and it is MORE likely to occur if the child is forward facing. – BEST article I could find, hands down. – Pictures are cute in this one! – there is actually a Rear Facing campaign in the UK

I can’t wait to ask Abbey’s pediatrician to weigh in on this as well, George and I value Dr. Somsak’s opinion very much and typically look to her for these types of questions. Dr. Somsak, if you are out there and want to weigh in, please feel free to do so, otherwise we will see you in a few weeks 🙂 For now I did find a few articles that are at least great reference points. There is not much updated on the rule that went into effect in 2011 about staying rear facing until two but I did find a few. Hopefully this is helpful for those of you also looking for answers on what to do, this is not something to take lightly yet it is damn near impossible to get a straight answer. I’ll be the first to admit it, I was looking forward to forward facing car seat time. I drive a Mazda 3 and the passenger seat is literally up as far as it will go so that Abbey’s car seat fits behind it. What the hell am I going to do with two little ones rear facing in my back seat? Ummmm…. that is up for another discussion, I guess I need a new car?

I’ll leave you with this, a wise woman once told me (you know who you are), “You only get one shot when raising your kids” and this is that time when I need to think about keeping Abbey safe versus convenience for George and me.