15 Weeks – Baby Squishy Pregnancy

15 Weeks{How far along?} 15 Weeks, 4 days

{Total weight gain} Wowzer, I forgot how tough these questions were, this one is especially tough for me. I was about 80% towards my 50 pound weight-loss goal when I found out I was pregnant. Since adding fruits, dairy, pregnancy cravings and well just being pregnant, I have gained 10 pounds since the end of July. I was having the hardest time with this gain but have FINALLY gotten over it and am completely enjoying my pregnancy.

{How big is baby?} Baby Squishy is about 3-4 ounces right now. Amazing how I’ve pooched out and gained weight for our little baby that is weighing in the same size as a naval orange.

{Maternity clothes?} OH how I missed maternity pants!! All new maternity clothes are now taking over my closet, I’ll be hitting up the consignment shops soon for more black pants and jeans.

{Sleep?} Getting good sleep but having some whacked out dreams – seriously crazy ass dreams!

{Best moment this week?} Anytime Abbey-girl says hi to Squishy or gives my belly a kiss. She unfortunately isn’t too subtle and has been known to pull my shirt up or down to get to the bump.

{Movement?} I started to really feel the tickles this past week. If you see me itching my belly, no worries it is just me thinking there is a bug crawling under my shirt, um, I mean the baby is moving.

{Food cravings?} Not really…..

{Labor signs?} NO

{Heart Burn} NO

{Belly button in or out?} IN

{What I miss} n/a

{What I’m looking forward to} Another gender reveal party!

{Milestone} We put the house up on the market today – this was a LOT of hardwork. Check out the photos and listing!


37 Weeks – Abbey is already a big, big Girl

{37 Weeks}

Sure, I thought my belly was a bit large but I just never thought I’d been one to carry a big, big baby. Guess what, I am! In my last post I shared how big Abbey was estimating from the ultrasound technician, but it was only an estimate and not entirely 100% bullet proof. Even after meeting with my doctor, this measurement is still only an estimate but he seems convinced that if I go full term with Abbey that she will be close to a 10 pound baby. Let’s think about some everyday items that weigh 10 pounds: 10 – 1 pound chunks of ground turkey, 1 gallon of water is 8lbs so we still need to add a few pounds to that one, almost 3 – 2liters of pop equal 10 pounds. YIKES, YIKES, YIKES! All very heavy items! I suppose my last few weeks should be dedicated to my two 5 pound weights to get used to carrying around Abbey. I have to say, I can not be more excited for the little chunky monkey to enter the world, baby rolls and all! So what if I have to take back all the newborn outfits with tags on them, more shopping, right?

{Belly Updates}

c'mon Abbey...let's get going!

{How far along?} 37 Weeks 3 days and only 18 days till my due date!

{Total weight gain} I’m going to my doctor’s office once a week and getting weighed now every Monday. However, my favorite nurse, Amy, was not there this past Monday so I refused to ask the “mean” nurse how much I weighed this week. The mean nurse is always saying weird things to me when I get on the scale. For example, this week I took my shoes off and jokingly said, “not like this will really make a difference” and sort of just let the weight thing roll off my shoulders. I’m SUPPOSED TO GAIN WEIGHT. After she weighed me she said back to me, “oh, it does matter apparently.” I’m sorry, what? Grrr… again, I ignore her and secretly and jokingly scolded the receptionist to text my favorite nurse and yell at her for me because she wasn’t there this week. Hopefully I’ll have an update next week on the weight.

{How big is baby?} Currently, Abbey is estimating at 7 lbs and 4 ounces and Dr. Caligaris thinks she will be a 10 pound baby if she makes it full term.

{Maternity clothes?} YES, the extra large type. I am now rotating the same 5 or so outfits to wear to work, good thing I work mainly with guys and they won’t notice. {same}

{Sleep?} I’m finding some comfortable spots some nights and other nights I’m tossing and turning. After my massage from BecomingMom Spa on Tuesday I slept great until…..contractions…..(see below in labor signs).

{Best moment this week?} So many “best” moments. The storage room was cleaned out and re-organized and the clutter of Abbey’s stuff she’ll need later was then properly organized and neatly put away. THANK YOU KAT!!! Is it sad that another “best” moment was when she brought over this amazing Swiffer vacuum for the daily sweeps of dog hair? OMG, I love using this thing and I think I have used it every other day since she brought it over. Only down side is that I’ll need to purchase the Swiffer cloths and I’m betting they aint cheap. Costco/Sam’s here I come. Another “best” moment was when mom called to inform me that Toni, herself, me, and Bethie all had appointments 15 minutes apart at Dr. Caligaris’ office. WHAT were they thinking! Of course we had to do dinner afterwards and it was a great time to catch up. Lastly, who wouldn’t count a massage for a “best” moment. That BecomingMom spa place is the SHIT and my husband is amazing for buying me a pre and post labor massage. Mini bonus, I also got a new plush robe!

as you can see there are a limited amount of shirts that I can wear!

{Movement?} After the last ultrasound I was able to learn that I’m getting a knee in my left side and I’m able to feel her ACTUAL foot when she pushes it against my left side.

{Food cravings?} PIZZA crepe PIZZA crepe PIZZA crepe (this still stands!)

{Labor signs?} I had CONTRACTIONS!!!! Actually, had 2 intense ones on Tuesday late night/early Wednesday morning. But then it stopped so I’m chalking this up to some false labor. It was quite surprising but nice to know that I felt them and I can recognize them in the future.

{Heart Burn} Back to no or at least not really this week. But in the ultrasound we did learn that she has some hair.

{Belly button in or out?} Still in, I really am surprised by this. I would have thought by now that bad boy would have popped out.

{What I miss} Lying on my belly for sleep!

{What I’m looking forward to} DELIVERY and meeting my baby girl!

{Milestone} I walked at Sharon Woods again, 2.6 miles. Well… it was waddling not walking, haha.

36 Weeks – Bob errr George the Builder

{36 Weeks}

George tested!

George has been super dad-to-be this whole pregnancy and now that we are nearing the end he is also becoming the go-to for all things that need put together or plain old fixed around the house. Not too many things need fixed around the house but there are PLENTY of Abbey’s items that need put together. As you can see, he gets help from Abbey’s four-legged and fury brothers! From the baby gate at the top of our basement stairs to the co-sleeper that we’ll be using in our room and the crib for Abbey’s room and everything else in between he has been kept busy. Oh and on Monday George sent me a text that said, “tada” and there was this picture of the car seat already installed. There was this sudden rush of emotions like, holy shit this is real! Not like all the other stuff was fake or something but now there is a car seat chilling in the back seat of our car. So when I got home we set up the mirror so that we can see Abbey (both of us checked) when she is in her car seat.


We’ve been using the basement as our staging area and then slowly have been bringing up all her toys, clothes, accessories, and other items to her bedroom. I swear that we are busting at the seams. Every day I realize that I have to re-organize this room or that closet to decide if we really need all the stuff that George and I have accumulated all these years. Goodwill has been getting their fair share of our crap lately including every single old homecoming or prom dress that I ever wore in high school. Feels SO great to get rid of boxes and bags full of old stuff to allow room for our daughter and her billion and 1 baby items. Thank goodness my cousin, Kat, is the anti-pack rat and has been convincing me that I don’t need all my half empty bottles of lotion or soap or body spray. If someone dug around my trash they would actually come out smelling pretty tasty.

Needless to say, we are ready for Abbey’s arrival! Her bedroom is completely furnished and all organized and ready for her vacancy. Changing table now has a changing pad (silly details) and other fun things like her bouncy seat are all put together waiting her arrival. Last thing I did this week was packed my hospital bag. I used my lists from everyone’s suggestions and ran to Target for some of the other things that I needed. My dad popped over last night and asked how long I planned on staying in the hospital because of the amount of stuff I had in my bag….psh…old men!

{Belly Updates}

no more room...she probably wants to come out of there!

{How far along?} 36 Weeks 4 days and only 24 days till my due date!

{Total weight gain} I’m now visiting Dr. Caligaris once a week and Monday was my first “weekly” appointment. I was pretty impressed that I am on target with only gaining 2 pounds (one per week). Hopefully I can keep this up and still be under my 30 pound goal, currently at 24 pounds and technically less than 4 weeks to go! It will be close.

{How big is baby?} Oh man… drum roll please………..Abbey is estimating a whopping 7.5 lbs! WOAH! Still have 3 weeks to go, what the heck is happening in my belly? Of course the tech mentioned that she could be +/- 1 pound so we could be at a manageable 6.5 pounds or there is of course the other side of the coin at 8.5 lbs. Can’t wait to hear wait Dr. Caligaris says on Monday.

{Maternity clothes?} YES, the extra large type. I am now rotating the same 5 or so outfits to wear to work, good thing I work mainly with guys and they won’t notice.

{Sleep?} Yes and no… There are nights when I wake up slightly refreshed because I pretty much slept the whole time then there are nights when I toss and turn. All normal so whatever. I will say that it is a toss up on how tired I am in third trimester versus first.

{Best moment this week?} Another week of lots of things going on and getting lots of things accomplished = a GREAT week overall. Having the hospital bag packed, car seat secure and strapped in the car ready to go and just feeling all around ready. Plus our ultrasound and getting to see Abbey again.

{Movement?} Yes, continual movements from my little girl. One of the best things from going to an ultrasound would be finding out what that poke or nudge has been on my left side or right side of the belly. Turns out she is still head down and the pokes I’m feeling on my left is her knees! And I was right about the bulge on the right side of my stomach which is her butt!

{Food cravings?} PIZZA crepe PIZZA crepe PIZZA crepe

{Labor signs?} I am literally questioning every little ache and pain but nothing that screams LABOR pains as I’m sure they will have me screaming.

{Heart Burn} Back to no or at least not really this week. But in the ultrasound we did learn that she has some hair.

{Belly button in or out?} Still in, I really am surprised by this. I would have thought by now that bad boy would have popped out.

{What I miss} Lying on my belly for sleep!

{What I’m looking forward to} 2 things: one is our (potentially) last pre-baby date night with Isaiah and Heather and the other is my massage next week at BecomingMom Spa. George bought me a pre and post labor massage for our anniversary. I also get a big ole spa robe which I’ll be bringing to the hospital with me.

{Milestone} I walked around Ikea for 2 hours on Wednesday with the US Digital Partners design team. Yes folks, that is an accomplishment.


  1. I’ve heard that you can take your car seat to the fire station to have them check the installation (or do they put it in for you?), is this mandatory?
  2. Another hospital bag question – do you need your social security card or other important documents like that? Obviously I’ll have my license and health insurance card.

35 Weeks – Getting to the “I’m ready” point

{35 Weeks}

Most everyone that I talk to who are either pregnant now or have been recently, have warned me about the 36 week mark. They mostly say that is when “I’ll hit my wall” or my breaking point with my pregnancy. Not that I didn’t believe them but because I’ve been feeling so great this whole time I just sort of took this information with a grain of salt. Well, they weren’t kidding! I’m now well into my 35th week and feeling like I’m getting to the “I’m ready” point. I’m ready to have Abbey, I’m ready to be done with waddling, I’m ready to be done with not fitting into anything, I’m ready to be done being pregnant. SHIT, its only been 13 months total (or something crazy like that) that I’ve been pregnant I’m thinking that my body needs a break.

I’m getting super tired, not sleeping very well, getting more and more heartburn and just overall ready to have a baby. Obviously I want Abbey to be healthy and also ready to enter the world so I’m trying to keep that in mind as I gear up for my 36 week appointment on Monday. I might just break down and beg Dr. Caligaris for relief and have him admit me so I can have the baby finally but again, it needs to be healthy for her. As my sister-in-law, Sarah, always says, “baby always wins.” Just another very true reality for our soon-to-be-baby-world.

I hate having a “negative” blog post so I’ll throw some very great positives into the mix. Thanks to my mom and Kat I’m now feeling like I have all of Abbey’s goodies under control. As George’s Aunt Mungy stated, “Abbey didn’t get sprinkled, it was a full on shower!” She couldn’t be more correct, George and I are so blessed to have such amazing family and friends who have given us so much to help start our new life with Abbey. Clothes, clothes and MORE clothes have been either washed and put away or separated in pink bins for future wear. I can’t express how awesome it is to know that we already have a few outfits for the 18-24 month stage and even 2T!

{Belly Updates}

{How far along?} 35 Weeks 4 days and only 31 days till my due date! (Due date is exactly ONE MONTH from today, wow!)

{Total weight gain} From my last doctor appointment I had gained 22 pounds. I’m thinking that on Monday when I see the doctor again I’ll be pushing the 30 mark. I just feel like a waddling blimp at this point. Its okay, comes with the territory.

{How big is baby?} According to my website resources, Abbey should be 18 inches long and over 5 pounds now. I’m guessing that she won’t get to much longer but they do say that she should be packing on the pounds between now and delivery.

{Maternity clothes?} YES, the extra large type. I am now rotating the same 5 or so outfits to wear to work, good thing I work mainly with guys and they won’t notice.

{Sleep?} BAH! Such a sore subject as I love my sleep. I’m having the hardest time getting comfortable now and the tossing and turning routine just causes pain. I talked to Caligaris earlier in the week because I was concerned with the lower side pains and he reassured me that would be my round ligament stretching and to just be more careful when I’m moving from side to side. *I have a sleep question at the end!

{Best moment this week?} Lots of great moments! Being overwhelmed with the mountain of diapers from George’s diaper party, spending time with George’s family for Abbey’s baby shower, and then organizing all of Abbey’s goodies and putting her clothes away. Just gets me more excited for her arrival!

It's a mystery week - just kidding, we are at Week 35!

{Movement?} My little acrobat is super active mid morning (10ish) and then later on at night as well. Throughout the day she will punch or kick here and there but when she gets on a roll in the morning or night it is just so amazing to watch. I just look down at my belly and smile and talk to her of course.

{Food cravings?} On Monday I went to Just Crepes with a few co-workers and had the pizza crepe….dear GOD, I want to eat one everyday. I haven’t but I’m pretty sure I’ll be having one more before the week ends.

{Labor signs?} I am literally questioning every little ache and pain but nothing that screams LABOR pains as I’m sure they will have me screaming.

{Heart Burn} Back to yes! I swear if I have a drink of water I get heart burn.

{Belly button in or out?} Still in, guess my little turkey isn’t ready yet!

{What I miss} CHERRY COKE!!! (YESSSSSSSSSSSS) And after being around a few parties this past weekend I could use a glass of wine or beer please. I also miss reaching my feet! I can NOT put on my own socks, I about passed out on Monday. Not worth the effort, I’ll go back to sandals and just have cold feet unless I can get ready fast enough for George to put them on for me. Which leads me to my next miss, ENERGY! Oh yea and sleeping on my belly. See, told you I’m ready to have this baby!

{What I’m looking forward to} 36 week ultrasound! Next best thing to actually physically meeting Abbey would have to be the ultrasounds. Not too mention that we’ll be doing measurements at this one. I’m curious if she stayed head down from the ultrasound on the 26th of September and how big she truly is right now.

{Milestone} I’m staying active despite the loss of all energy….okay I’m TRYING to stay active.


  1. How strict were you on yourself about sleeping on your left side? It is like my body is rejecting left-side sleep these days.
  2. Did you hit the 36 week wall? Don’t be shy, some of you already admitted this to me!
  3. For contact wearers – were dry contacts/dry eyes an issue during pregnancy? Mine are getting so dry now every day.

32 Weeks – I think I pushed the PANIC button!

{32 Weeks}

On Monday I was getting ready for work and all of a sudden it hit me. What week am I currently? Am I just starting my 31st week? Oh crap, is this my start to 32 weeks? So I had to yell to George to confirm and he gave one of the man grumbles and said I think 32 weeks. In the words of a particular Despicable Me Minion, “Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?” Holy crap, I’m 32 weeks pregnant! Holy crap, I’m going to have a baby sometime in November (hopefully)! Holy crap, our bathroom is going to be gutted starting on Monday. And finally, HOLY CRAP, we have Abbey stuff all over the place and not too mention we still need a car seat! I think I pushed the PANIC button!

I need to remind myself these days to just breathe and relax. Technically, I can assume that I have a little less than 8 weeks (dangit, that gave me heart palpitations again) to get this all done and some days that sounds like a long time. I also need to remind myself that keeping calm is best for me and Abbey (and George). Plus beyond any of the panic, I always know that if I were to go into labor with the house a wreck, Abbey stuff all over, bathroom torn up and no car seat that one of my billion family members or great friends would always step in and make sure all was right in our world. George and I are pretty darn lucky to have this safety net in our lives.

Like I mentioned above, our bathroom will officially begin construction on Monday. I have to admit I was getting pretty nervous with the timing but some things are just outside of our control. For example, if your contractor has to have surgery, what can you do? I’m looking forward to a newly finished and completely remodeled bathroom but only having one toilet and one shower in the house is not optimal when it is the one that will be torn apart. This will be interesting! We have been promised that A toilet will be hooked up each night but showers will need to be done else where. Okay, despite the fact that I get up at least 2 times a night (sometimes 4) to use the bathroom, we should be fine to shower at my cousin’s house just a few miles away. More updates on this next week, let’s get to the belly updates!

{Belly Updates}

going for comfort these days...can you tell?

{How far along?} 32 Weeks 1 dayand only 55 days till my due date!

{Total weight gain} Hard to say, had a different nurse this past time at the doctor office and she was not helpful in the weight department. She had me get up on the scale (like the walk of friggin shame) and then she made some comment that made me slightly afraid to ask how much I had gained. MAN, wish I could remember the comment. I do remember that I was partly shocked, partly whatever about it and partly upset. I wonder if George remembers.

{How big is baby?} According to my website resources, Abbey should be a little bigger than 16.7  inches long and weighs about 3.75 lbs (where do they come up with these numbers). I’ll find out for sure how big she is at our 36 week ultrasound (4 more weeks). Doctor has stressed the importance of this upcoming ultrasound because I’m consistently measuring 2 weeks further along than I really am. So right now I’m measuring 34 weeks instead of 32, we’ll see!

{Maternity clothes?} YES and thank goodness Jami found more clothes so I have some variety again.

{Sleep?} I am getting sleep but sometimes I toss and turn so much that it is just the broken up kind. Plus my body is literally aching when I get up from sleeping on one side for so long. Can’t wait to cash in on my free massage at the BecomingMom Spa. It will be soon!

{Best moment this week?} I guess I can technically count last week too and I’d have to say that the baby showers were so much fun. Not only was I able to catch up with old friends and see my family but it was just so darn cute to have all these pink and frilly outfits come out of boxes. Dressing a little girl will be the death of my bank account!

{Movement?} I read somewhere that the movement should start to slowly decrease as to the lack of room plus they should be sleeping much more. I don’t think Abbey got the memo! Okay by me as I love to feel her kick and move. At the BecomingMom Spa ultrasound we had on 9/26 we were told that Abbey was in head down position so I guess what I’m feeling at the top of my belly are her feet and that can only mean she is punching my bladder.

{Food cravings?} I’m still wanting grapes and banana chips and I get so mad when I can’t find the flippin things at Kroger. I did find plantain chips….we’ll see how that works this week. Not too many other cravings right now except for salads at Silverglades downtown. I get to pick my own ingredients and it is just delish.

{Labor signs?} Nope!

{Heart Burn} Haven’t had heartburn since my last update but then again, I’m trying to not eat after a certain point at night and I’m thinking that is my saving grace.

{Belly button in or out?} In….barely! Each week I’m losing my “innie” belly button.

{What I miss} Sleeping on my belly/back. Can’t WAIT for that moment when I can sprawl out belly down and doze off to sleep. Too bad the “dozing off to sleep” won’t happen for another 3-4 years?

{What I’m looking forward to} I’m really looking forward to the 36 week ultrasound to see truly how big our Abbey is and to find out how she is positioned. I’m also looking forward to meeting her, I can’t wait to snuggle with my little girl.

{Milestone} I had to put my gym shoes on by myself on Saturday morning. There was a lot of grunting, feeling like I was going to pass out but the bottom line is that I did it! I could physically reach my toes and put on my shoes. Big stuff!

***New Category***


  1. When do you start to pack your hospital bag?
  2. What do you pack in said hospital bag?
  3. Where did you keep said hospital bag? Car? By the front door?
  4. Do I need to pack newborn picture outfits?
  5. I was told to bring my own toilet paper (thanks to Sarah) but anything else you brought on your own? Snacks? Music?

30 Weeks – Did I just crave steamed broccoli?

{30 Weeks}

The past 2 weeks have been pretty busy for The Herron Nest so expect this to be a pretty detailed update.

Proud Mom, Dad and Baby Henry

George and I have added a nephew to our family, welcome baby Henry Herron. Sarah and CJ became proud parents on 9/9/11 at 11:58 pm. Sarah probably doesn’t appreciate me saying this but… seriously, Henry couldn’t have waited 2 more minutes? How fun to say you were born on 9/10/11. And if he would have waited just 15 minutes he would have been born on 9/10/11 12:13 am. Oh well, we have a healthy and very cute new nephew to love on and that is the most important part. Last update on Henry, he has CJ’s feet! These honkers are so big that George has started calling him Sasquatch (sp?).

In other news, George and I started our baby classes. Luckily Dr. Caligaris decided that we didn’t need to take the full birthing classes (sort of been there, done that) so we opted in for the breastfeeding, baby care basics and infant/toddler CPR classes. We took breastfeeding and baby care basics last night and learned some great stuff but then some was just super repetitive. I guess that is supposed to help us remember, who knows! There is SO MUCH information to take in! George and I are master swaddlers and can’t wait to snuggle up our baby girl. Side note – thanks to the video we watched on breast feeding I’ll be stocking up on Lanolin nipple cream (saw some scary-ass nipples in that video) and making sure I don’t give myself a hard time if I have to use formula. By the way the doctor in the video talked about formula, you would think it carries diseases. I am going to give breast feeding my best shot and let’s hope it works and Abbey latches and all the stars in the universe line-up according to the breast feeding gods plan but if not then not and that is that!

only 1 week old...look at those honkers!

Lastly, thanks to BecomingMom Spa I won another 3D ultrasound plus massage package! I’m going to hurry up and use the ultrasound next Monday before Abbey gets to big and squished but I’m going to save up the massage for a few more weeks.

{Belly Updates}

{TAKE 1} Of course George was being dumb...and clearly making me laugh!

{TAKE 2} Trying to keep from busting out laughing again!

{How far along?} 30 Weeks 1 dayand only 69 days till my due date!

{Total weight gain} At my last doctor appointment I gained 4.5 pounds putting my total at 16.5 pounds. But lately I feel like all I do is EAT EAT EAT so I’m sure my weight gain will be about the same on Monday when I go back to the doctor.

{How big is baby?} According to my website resources, Abbey should be a little bigger than 15 inches long and weigh almost 3 lbs. I’ll find out for sure how big she is at our 36 week ultrasound (6 more weeks) and on Monday we’ll see how big my belly is measuring. Last appointment I was measuring 30 weeks when I was only 28 weeks and a few days, yikes!

{Maternity clothes?} OH goodness, I had another emergency run to Macy’s last week. If you are in the Cincy area, you know how chilly it got last week for a few days. I broke out a pair of my thicker khakis that I wore my last pregnancy. I put them on and they felt a big snug but still comfortable….when I was standing! After I was sitting in the car for 10 minutes I thought I was going to pass-out by how snug they were on my lower stomach and booty. After a few morning meetings I quickly sped off to Macy’s and purchased a new pair of fall-colored pants. So glad Macy’s is seriously a few blocks away. Only problem is that I had to have mad restraint walking through the baby clothes to get to the maternity department. Too many cute dresses!

{Sleep?} I am getting sleep but sometimes I toss and turn so much that it is just the broken up kind. Plus my body is literally aching when I get up from sleeping on one side for so long. Can’t wait to cash in on my free massage at the BecomingMom Spa. It will be soon!

{Best moment this week?} I’m really enjoying the additions to Abbey’s room. Anytime she gets something new or we have made a change to her decor is fun because I get to tinker and linger in the nursery with a purpose. Even sorting her little clothes for laundry (thank you George for actually doing the laundry) and putting them away in drawers, on hangers in the closet or even in her new pink storage box for future use when she’s older. I’m sure this will get old but for now I’m really enjoying these little moments. Oh my goodness, she has a place for just about everything: her shoes, hair accessories, bath time accessories and toys.

there she is at 30 weeks!

{Movement?} YES! This little girl is trying to punch her way out! I love being on the couch with George at night and watching my stomach literally move. Sometimes it catches me off guard and I have to hold on to something because her kicks and moves are getting more and more strong but nothing hurts and it just gives me an excuse to talk to her. I love when George has his hand on my belly and he gets kicked, we both immediately look at each other with these eyes lit up and say to each other, “did you feel that!”

{Food cravings?} I’m the one back to having cravings, no doubt about that. And one of my weird cravings would have to be a recent one of steamed broccoli with butter. You should have seen my last Friday night. I don’t normally eat a lot of food at night for dinner or even after, it is probably because of how sick it makes me feel. So after I attempted to eat a bowl of cereal that I had been eating for the past 4 months (didn’t go well and I made my brother take home the box) I started to feel queezy. George and Matt had hung out that night and I was home by myself. After the queezy feeling went away I all of a sudden got really hungry and headed straight to Kroger for a craving run. WOAH! I picked up a bag broccoli you microwave, thin crust Kroger Margarita pizza, 4 little cups of different flavor Edy’s ice cream, and caramel-apple suckers. Don’t worry I didn’t eat EVERYTHING when I got home but I put a big dent in my purchased items. Lord help me when I get to that scale!

{Labor signs?} Nope!

****Adding a new category****

{Heart Burn} HELL YES and it sucks!

{Belly button in or out?} In….barely! Each week I’m losing my “innie” belly button.

{What I miss} Energy! I’m back to being tired and my back is starting to ache when I get out of bed so I miss not being so achy!

{What I’m looking forward to} There are a couple of things to look forward to…

  1. 2 showers on Sunday – don’t get me wrong, I’m really excited to see family and friends and open all these exciting gifts for Abbey but I’m also REALLLLLLLLLLLLLY looking forward to my Aunt Karen’s cookies!!! Just wait till I take a picture of these bad boys, they will most likely be pretty but they taste soooooooo good! If you are coming to a shower this weekend, get your sweet tooth prepared for these bad boys!
  2. Doctor appointment on Monday morning – I love going to Cali’s office and seeing my favorite nurses and of course Dr. Cali himself. Plus, we get to hear Abbey’s heartbeat and I get to chat Dr. Cali’s ear off about my latest questions. Did I mention that I’m buying him a bottle of Scotch to have at the hospital after the delivery? Poor guy deserves it!
  3. ANOTHER 3D Ultrasound!!! Woo hoo, I’m a winner of a Facebook contest from BecomingMom Spa and I will surely reap the benefits on Monday evening. Can’t wait to see baby girl and this time family is coming with me. The room holds 6-8 people “comfortably” so the following will be coming along: Mom, Dad, Kathy, Scrooge, and my Grandma. When I asked Grandma she just said, “Ohhhhh… that would be neat” If you know my Grandma, you know that “Ohhhhhh…” has a unique tone to it!
  4. Can’t say I’m not looking forward to a free massage because I’m TOTALLY up for it! I’m really hoping its the kind where I can lay on my stomach on a table with a hole for the belly…ahhhhh… being on my stomach will be such joy!

{Milestone} 30 Weeks people… less than 10 weeks till Abbey Road Herron graces us with her presence. My guess is that she will come into this world the way that I know she is my daughter…. LOUD!

28 Weeks – 3D is WAY cool

{28 Weeks}

Pregnancy has been such a great time for me. Of course it has been a hot summer but really I’ve enjoyed every second carrying my baby girl. I’ve also thought that the pregnancy all happening in one year has helped it to go pretty quickly but I still needed something to break up the stretch between my 19 and 36 week ultrasound.

All snuggled up - can't wait to snuggle up with her!

Thank goodness there is Becoming Mom Spa to help! After consulting with Dr. Cali, I went ahead and scheduled a 3D ultrasound at 27.5 weeks which is just smack in the middle of the other two ultrasounds. WOW…if you have never seen 3D ultrasound pictures you have to check mine out (here is a link to all 38 pictures – just put in my name and date was 9/1/11) it was so cool. The tech was pretty great and really worked hard to get great facial shots of Abbey who was not really cooperating in the least bit. Abbey was curled up snuggled against my belly on the right side and she looked like a closing chair with her legs and feet right in front of her face. Only a few times did she stretch out her legs and let the tech get a few great shots. At one point Abbey stretched her legs out and kicked me then we saw a grin on her face, pretty funny! We also were reminded at how flexible a baby can be, especially with Abbey’s foot literally on her forehead! Good thing I registered for those swaddle blankets, seems like my baby girl is going to really like being curled up. Oh, and it also seems like she will love snuggling, great by me!

Have to also share this funny little story about my doctor appointment yesterday. As I’m sure you all know, I have grown very close to my doctor and feel as though we have a pretty great doc/patient relationship. We joke around and normally George is there to throw in a few jabs as well. But at the appointment on Tuesday I went by myself (I had to go at an odd time for my glucose test) and as we were talking about pediatricians and classes coming up he casually threw this in the mix, “Tell George that you have decided to use cloth diapers!” Literally this man’s eyes lit up and he was so excited to basically scare George by me telling him that Cali is suggesting we use the cloth diapers. I started laughing of course and told Cali that was a perfect joke because George also does all the laundry. When Cali heard this news he started laughing even harder and told me he couldn’t wait for George’s response. Love that man, who else gets to joke around with their doctor like that? I also promised him a bottle of Scotch at the delivery, I think he has earned it!

{Belly Updates}

Rainy cold night, we captured the picture anyways!

{How far along?} 28 Weeks 3 days and only 81 days till my due date!

{Total weight gain} At my last doctor appointment (Tuesday) I gained 4.5 pounds putting my total at 16.5 pounds. My favorite nurse, Amy, is always trying to make that part painless and says stuff like, “Hey… this is the ONE time you can gain as much weight as you want!” Still, I don’t want to just gain all the weight I “want” because I never was able to get it all off after Hope. Either way, I’m okay with a total so far being 16.5 pounds especially since Dr. Cali said I should only gain 30lbs MAX.

{How big is baby?} Not exactly sure how big Abbey is because the ultrasound tech at Becoming Mom Spa said they weren’t able to do measurements. However, Dr. Cali measured my belly yesterday and when I asked the measurement he said “30.” I thought, okay probably 30 inches and asked him, “do you mean 30 inches?” His reply was, “Nope, you are measuring 30 weeks!” YIKES! I’m guessing this is no big deal because he didn’t fuss over it at all.

{Maternity clothes?} YES! And thanks to all my friends and mom for buying and passing along more clothes for me to wear. Its nice to have a change in the wardrobe even if most of it is “pre-loved.”

{Sleep?} I think my body is getting used to the fact that I’m not going to be sleeping on my back or belly for a little while longer and therefore is just okay with the left (or right) side for now. I am having a hard time completely staying on my left side but when I looked it up the other day it just mentioned that pregnant women should “favor” their left side. Thank goodness because my left hip is needing an occasional break!

28 weeks, lots of belly!

{Best moment this week?} The 3D ultrasound has been the best moment over the past week. I loved watching Abbey curl up and move around in such detail. I loved her already chubby cheeks and can’t wait to kiss all over the toes that were blocking her face.

{Movement?} LOTS! She is still a night owl and likes to move around during the 9-10:30 time. She does move some during the day and normally mid-morning she is pretty active. I’m wondering how many naps this little girl is taking everyday and sort of wishing I could take them with her.

{Food cravings?} Funny enough, George had the craving this week! His pregnancy-sympathy craving took us to Dunkin’ Donuts at 9:30 on Sunday night and made me laugh pretty hard that he had a craving and not me. As for me, I don’t really have a “craving” but I can tell that I am definitely more hungry than normal. I almost can’t wait to get up and have breakfast, its becoming a favorite meal for me.

{Labor signs?} Nope!

{Belly button in or out?} In….barely! I give it a few more weeks before I sport an outy!

{What I miss} I keep seeing all these people running in the cool weather and I would love to go for a run.

{What I’m looking forward to} I have a shower coming up at the end of this month that I am looking forward to and mainly because I know that I get to call Mom and Kat over to help me organize and finish up the nursery. I love getting stuff for Abbey, especially clothes and I look forward to all the PINK we are about to be surrounded by!

{Milestone} I can still touch my toes! I can’t breathe when I do it but there is a touch!!