NYE Out with a Toddler

I seriously wish I could have been a fly on the wall watching the madness and chaos that we (Abbey) created at dinner tonight. George and I decided a while ago that we were going to spend New Years Eve (NYE) together with Abbey as a family but what we failed to do was make reservations for dinner. I wasn’t sure what kind of schedule Abbey would be on and we really thought it wasn’t going to be a huge deal to get a descent bite to eat out at a restaurant. OH well, after stopping in a few places and making a few phone calls we decided to call it a night and go to LaRosa’s. George was craving something Italian and after driving around for nearly an hour it was nice to end up at a restaurant close to home. We also thought we would document our big NYE night out with a few pictures like we would if we were with our group of friends. Here is one of the “gang” at LaRosa’s.

Abbey Dec 2012 002

Here is Abbey after learning “cheese” is super cute when we are trying to take her picture.

Abbey Dec 2012 003

Then the beer came out and everyone was having a good time with the Abbey ale (no silly heads, Abbey really didn’t drink the Abbey ale)

NYE beer

But the best part was when the food came out and we crazy parents thought it would be a great idea to buy our toddler spaghetti, at least it made for great pictures….

NYE Spaghetti

and a great video….


So now that Abbey is bathed and asleep it is time to cuddle up, watch a movie and ring in 2013! Happy New Year to you and your family, see you next year! Love, The Herron Nest