Remembering Abbey’s Gender Reveal Party

Today is like Christmas – it is BABY REVEAL day for Baby Squishy. One of the more nerve-racking days in all of pregnancy, for me anyways. I’m praying for a healthy baby and I can’t even explain to you how anxious I am for 3:30pm. The Herron’s are set though! George has the recorder from Build-A-Bear, I’ve said a million prayers, all of our family and friends are thinking about us, my sweet Abbey Road is in good hands with her Papa Herron…now all we have to do is wait. 

I’m 19 weeks pregnant now and thought it would be fun to look back at my pregnancy blog post with Abbey at 19 weeks and read up {side note: we had Abbey’s reveal party on the date that George and I had our first date and got engaged}. While searching, I came across the blog post that George wrote about our reveal party. What an awesome day! I remember the anxiety at the ultrasound, I remember asking so many questions, I remember essentially holding my breath until I heard that everything was okay. I was choking back tears just reading the post, I could literally feel all the emotions flooding back all at once. George and I felt like the luckiest parents that day and we still feel that way now. I can’t tell you how many nights we sit down to relax after putting our princess to bed and we look at each other, smile and talk about how lucky we are to have our Abbey girl. I digress….

We are both nervous about today but for different reasons, George is genuinely nervous that our house will be overrun by women and I’m still just being mama-bear wanting to see my baby with all 10 toes, 10 fingers, strong heart beat, and healthy! George also wants to see a healthy baby and I’m happy that he is balancing out my fears and nerves. I keep telling him that he doesn’t need to worry though, I truly think Squishy is a boy! We shall see, Rick will be bringing the box Abbey and I painted full of either pink or blue balloons to our house for the big reveal at 6p. 

Thank you again to all of our family and friends for the support and love, we are half-way there people! 

10 Months Old and Walking

{Abbey is 10 Months Old}

The first year of a baby’s life is quite far the most exciting (so I’ve heard) with many new things happening ALL-THE-TIME! You read about the first year developments and of course you are reminded of each stage at each pediatrician check up but experiencing it all is quite mind-blowing. Abbey has always been “on-track” with development but it literally seems like she went from being completely non-mobile to sitting up on her own, crawling, standing and now walking in about three short months. How does that happen? How can it go so fast?

Here is Abbey walking (toddling) the other night. I stopped the video short because she started to grab dog hair, which is a never ending battle at the house.

{What else at 10 months?}

Abbey still only has the two bottom teeth but she is constantly putting objects in her mouth to gnaw on so perhaps more teeth are on the way. Items on Abbey’s favorite chew-toy list include;  her binki, teether ring, and her crib! OY, that child has been grinding and sharpening her teeth on the crib for weeks now and I really just don’t know how to get her to stop. Any ideas? It is so bad that I’m actively looking for bits of wood in her diapers! George thinks that she is part beaver and uses the crib to sharpen her teeth. I hope she isn’t planning to create a dam in the house.

Kisses by Abbey are pretty much the best thing in my world right now but they are pretty scary for George because he is already thinking of Abbey and boys! She gives a kiss with her mouth wide open and occasionally sticks out her tongue. George has already threatened 5-year old Owen who lives up the street. George told Owen (after he was playing with Abbey one night) that he wasn’t allowed to be near our house and that George was watching him. Owen of course wasn’t thinking about Abbey the way George was eluding so Owen responded with, “you aren’t being very nice.” Too funny!

Now that Abbey’s interest in crawling has decreased and the interest in walking has increased there is now way socks are lasting on her feet for long periods of time. When she is home I don’t mind as much and love watching her toddle around barefoot but what do you do when you are out? I don’t want her to be barefoot at a restaurant or other public places but do you just use socks and if she wants to get down and walk you let her do it in just the socks? The germ-a-phobe in me is slightly freaking out about that thought right now. Any ideas here would also be helpful.

9 Month Old Abbey Road

P.S. this is the best toy EVER and a great grab at a local garage sale for 8 bucks.

{Check up on Abbey}

Abbey had her 9 month well check up today with our amazing pediatrician, Dr. Somsak. We had a great appointment and of course have all the latest stats on our baby girl. Abbey is weighing in at 19.5 lbs and is 28 inches long and as I’m typing this I’m realizing how much she’s going to hate me for having all this information and pictures online for all her future boyfriends and husband to see. OH how I love technology!

{What’s up with Abbey}

  • Finally two bottom teeth are peaking their way out (discovery credit to my Aunt Sue Martin!!).
  • Loves having raspberry wars with daddy.
  • Saying “dada” and “momo” and something that resembles “dog”
  • walks when you hold her hands.
  • Her favorite toy is the Fisher Price one shown in the picture above but she also loves her mirror and wooden spoons.
  • She’s eating chunky foods and snacks and recently tried avocado (she thought it was okay) and has bites of mommy’s banana each morning.

    Peeking around the corner after climbing up to stand, so proud of herself

  • Crawling has now turned into complete mobility all around the house.
  • She is pulling herself up on kitchen chairs, the couch and pretty much anything that is stable enough within her reach (yes, that includes the dog who is no longer safe).
  • Balancing herself in a crouched position,
  • Abbey gives the best kisses, of course it is completely open-mouthed and super slobbery (beware future boyfriends and husband).
  • Abbey gives her two older boy cousins a run for their money as she lovingly attacks their hair whenever she sees them. George calls this “aggressive love.” Future boyfriends and husband don’t need to read this part!

{Coming soon}

Since Abbey has great role models that are walking or beginning to walk, I’m thinking that she will pick up on it quickly. Her ability to fall gracefully (something her mother never learned) will come in handy as she starts to practice walking by herself. Once she gets her balance we’ll be adding  bubble wrap all over the house as our new decor.

Lastly, her ONE YEAR birthday party is now just around the corner! I have already started thinking about the theme and what I’m going to do for this amazing day. I just need to find a place big enough for family and friends to celebrate, Beatles themed of course!

Here are a few more pictures of Abbey at 9 months old, getting her still was quite a challenge!

My little froggie using her sippy cup like a big girl

Checking out one of her favorite books with Aunt Sarah, Uncle CJ and cousin Henry

One of my favorite Abbey pics at my favorite spot to see sunflowers. Beautiful picture taken by my talented photographer cousin, Gayle Rothmeeler.

7 months young

As a quick update, Abbey is already 7 months and is pretty much the happiest baby ever. She is a constant joy and entertainment to George and I with her squealing and screaming and beaming smile. Abbey loves playing with her toys and is pretty good at keeping herself entertained on the floor with her big brother Housch keeping a close watch. We have discovered that she really doesn’t like carrots and paper plates (lol) but she devours sweet potatoes, her oatmeal and pretty much any fruit that we put in front of her. At this point there are no teeth visible and really no signs of them popping out anytime soon. Lots of drool but that’s been going on for a while now. We want Abbey to get used to a “sippy” cup so I introduced one last week that has a straw. Occasionally she’ll get some and she is quite proud of herself when she does however she doesn’t have this mastered quite yet and I think it will be a while before she does. I might try another type of cup without the straw as she does pretty good with taking little sips from my water bottle.

My summer baby has been sporting every bathing suit she owns (including her bikini <—–) and loved playing on the beach in North Carolina as well as playing at our local pool. Abbey attracts attention from all the little kids at the Sharonville pool including her buddy Sean this weekend. Sean and Abbey played for about an hour as Abbey watched Sean fill up and dump her pool bucket with water. George and I have to keep an extra close on our baby girl since she’s already flirting with the older boys! Of course Abbey loves her #1 man, her daddy! The only real “word” she knows and repeats over and over is “da” although she hasn’t associated the word with George quite yet. Whenever George says “da-da-da-da” to Abbey she just grins or flat out laughs at him. Something he should get used to! I’m still trying to get Abbey to say “mama” but the closest sound I get to this is “nommmmmm-a-nommmmmm” which is the sound she makes the entire time she’s eating (except when she eats carrots) her food.

We think Abbey is close to crawling and has been positioning herself on her hands and knees quite a few times in the last few weeks. She started this while we were on vacation and I think it was because she was constantly on carpet. We added a comfy rug to our living room floor this weekend to help encourage her to crawl so crossing fingers we’ll be at this stage very soon (I’m going to regret this statement, aren’t I?). This means that George and I will now be crawling all over the house to see what shenanigans Abbey will be getting into very soon. Also a warning to the dog….look out Housh, if her squealing is any indication of her personality I’m sure she will be attacking the four-legged brother!

Abbey had her first experience with Rouster’s Blueberry picking this past Saturday. Actually, both George AND Abbey were there for the first time. I had so much fun introducing Abbey (and George) to the many customers that I see year after year and have gotten to know just through storytelling while they pick. One customer in particular actually purchased Abbey an outfit and sent it to the hospital with my Uncle when Abbey was born. When I saw her this past Saturday she was elated to finally meet Abbey and was just so excited for George and I “to finally have a baby” after our loss with Hope. Others were just happy to play and coo at her and Abbey was just as happy to people watch and play on her blanket under the shade of a blueberry bush. George was on pond duty and took his job seriously, I think the Rouster’s want him back next week! There was even a celebrity siting this time, Anthony Munoz and his family were out picking at the farm.

I’ll leave you with one quick video of Abbey going down the slide (with help from mommy) at the Sharonville pool this past weekend. The best is in the beginning of the video, George introduces Abbey going down the slide and Abbey on cue screams super loud as if responding to her daddy. Have a great week!


2011 in review and a big Thanks!

George and I always wonder about who really comes to our blog. We do this because it is always amazing that you all care about what we have to say and of course we want to keep our audience engaged and entertained so we want to know who that audience is in order to do so. Luckily, we blog with a free blogging platform called WordPress and they are ever-so-helpful in compiling all the year-end stats for us to review. As I was reviewing all the stats I came across a few cool things that I wanted to share.

Cool Thing #1: 

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 15,000 times in 2011. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 6 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Cool Thing #2:

The top 5 most active commenters were these lovely ladies

Thank you Sandy! Thank you Aunt Sue! Thank you Shari! Thank you Carol (MOM)! and last but not least Thank you Erin!

Cool Thing #3: 

Facebook was our biggest referrer for our blog. So most of you that came to our blog was because we lured you in through our Facebook account.

Cool Thing #4: 

The most popular blog in 2011 was the blog about George’s tattoo. In case you didn’t catch that one, you can read it here.

Cool Thing #5: 

One of the most popular search terms used to find our blog was, “Abbey Road.” How appropriate?

Thank you to our audience, you have all been instrumental in each an every one of our 56 blog posts that were created in 2011. We hope you continue to enjoy The Herron’s through 2012.


Dear Miss Abbey Road…

I was thinking about petitioning to get the bottom of the sign changed to “Daughter of George and Jesy Herron”. Think they’ll go for it?

Dear Abbey Road Herron,

I’ve been thinking about a unique way to tell you what a miracle you are and what an inspiration you are to Mommy and me.  I’ve been wrestling with a way to convey why we named you after an album to ensure that when you are 25 you don’t just tell people who your Dad was a big Beatles fan and general weirdo.  I mean I AM a weirdo, but not like Chris Martin weirdo.  I mean who names their kid Apple?  Really?

For me that album was something that helped me get through the loss of your sister.  I have always expressed my emotions through music.  Not writing or playing music, that would require a talent that I just don’t have.  No, I listen to music.  If I’m in a crappy mood I tend to wallow in it.  I throw on some Staind, Metallica or some Gary Allan and just kind of immerse myself into a cocoon of  misery.  They can seem to convey exactly how I’m feeling and it’s kind of nice to know that someone else was feeling what I feel at that moment.  And I did a lot of this after we lost your sister.  Wallowed, agonized, hurt.

But The Beatles came to the rescue.  Specifically the album, Abbey Road.  Even more specifically the song, Here Comes the Sun.  Like a rescue diver that song and album single-handedly pulled me from the abyss of my own self pity that I had been drowning in.  Here Comes the Sun, was written by George Harrison while playing hooky from work at Eric Clapton’s house.  He sat in Eric’s garden and almost effortlessly belted out the one song that could make me smile even in my darkest hour.  The only song that I could find any hope and salvation in.  The only song that would allow me to see a light at the end of the tunnel.

“It’s all right, It’s all right”…..

It’s not lost on me all the symmetry either.  Abbey Road was created in probably the most turbulent time for The Beatles.  They were in the middle of doing a documentary for the Let it Be Album that was going disastrously.  The whole band was starting to feel the pressure of being business men and musicians plus most of them were in relationships that were pulling them in different directions and on top of all that they were still trying to deal with the fact that their manager had died and they needed to replace him somehow.  And despite all that swirling around them, they were still able to record and produce one of the greatest albums of all time.

Much like you, my sweet angel.  You were conceived as soon as the Doctors gave us the thumbs up to try again.  Despite not completely being over the loss of your sister and still trying to find ways to cope and deal with that loss, we got the biggest boost we could imagine, you.  Not that we will ever forget Hope, or minimize her significance in our lives, but I think we needed you, a healthy you to help us get over that.  To help us mend.  To help us know that ….

It’s all right.

Abbey Road also has a wonderful combination of songs that seem to capture all the aspects of The Beatles that any fan would love.  Something, also a George Harrison song, might be one of the greatest love songs that The Beatles ever recorded.  It’s more mature than their early love songs that ring more true to infatuation songs considering how young they were when they wrote those songs.  Octopus’ Garden is a little goofy and maybe even a little trippy.  A light-hearted song at a time when light-hearted was exactly what they needed.  It’s something that you would have expected to find on the Yellow Submarine soundtrack.  Oh Darling! and Come Together give all the rock fans something to be happy about on the album as well.  Both have a bluesy-rock feel to them, but are still the strongest songs on the album to be sure.  And lastly there is the medley ( You Never Give Your Money Away through The End).  Something innovative and creative, something different.  Almost the entire second side of Abbey Road is like a stream of conscientiousness that takes you all the way, appropriately, to The End, which includes the only drum solo that Ringo ever had.

This is my hope for you.  That you can encompass so many different traits and emotions that you will be able to shine no matter what life throws at you.  Like any hopeful parent I want you to be the best version of you.  The Beatles were able to put away all the crap and do what they really loved doing, making music, one last time and in doing so created something beautiful and timeless.  I just hope that your mother and I are as lucky with you!

And lastly, something that is very close to my heart.  I wanted you to be unique.  I was named after my father, which is a great honor, knowing the man who your grandfather is.  But let’s face it, George Robert Herron II isn’t exactly a unique name!  I just want you to be special, I mean you already are to me and your mother obviously, but I wanted you to have a sense of uniqueness right out of the box.

My fear is that when you are in your teens and hate my music and hate just about any opinion that comes out of my mouth that you will hate your name too.  But on the flip side I hope you get enough of your mothers positive disposition and enough of my weirdness that you love your name and realize the power that your name has.  I want you to own the name and make it yours.  Make sure that people know that there was no way you could have had any other name.

You’re not here yet, but already the excitement is too much to handle.  You have a big name to live up to little girl, but given your pedigree you will surpass every expectation and keep shining as my little light at the end of the tunnel.

And I hope that one day you will understand, I write stuff like this down, because I am much better expressing my feelings on paper than face to face.  I don’t think it’s an intimacy issue, I think it is a my brain just functions better when I can have a stream of thought and capture it.  Like a picture with words.  Regardless I love you already.  Hurry up and get here!

26 Weeks – Belly Acrobat

{26 Weeks}

From the title I’m sure you know what I’m going to talk about. My daughter is an acrobat! She is tumbling and kicking and just moving around all over in my belly. This has been hands down my favorite part so far. Feeling her move and roll has to be one of the most unique feelings in the entire pregnancy. I’m loving that others can now feel her too, it makes me feel less crazy as I’m constantly saying, “OH my gosh, she moved again,” or “did you see that?” Of course you can’t see it yet but I do have witnesses of the movement because George, Heather and Kat have all felt her! Abbey starts to be pretty active around 10:00/10:30 at night and it really gets her going when I lay down on my left side. As you can imagine this is the time that I’m trying to get to sleep and she is just waking up to kick and move around. How can I just fall asleep and miss this? Lucky me, she is a night owl like her daddy!

If you have been following my Facebook posts then you know that I’ve been a nesting fool. Poor George is worn out by Monday morning because I have him doing so much around the house on the weekends. Two weekends ago I had this crazy hair up my butt and wanted to hang my new mirror and jewelry box. I got a jewelry box for Christmas but needed another one because there is just so much. I was thinking of Goodwilling some of it but when I found out we were having a girl I couldn’t deny her the opportunity to dig through the madness of necklaces and bracelets galore. So my need to clean up my jewelry turned into my bigger need of hanging the new mirror/jewelry box which ended up with a trip to Ikea and a re-arranged bedroom. This was all starting at 4p on a Saturday when friends were coming over for cards at 7p and George had just started to snuggle in for a nap. OOPS! Then this past weekend I had another bug up my butt and went back to Ikea for more house furnishings and we also bought the crib.

all put together and waiting for vacancy!

Crib shopping was such a cinch, we had done the research and actual lurking online so it was a matter of picking it up and paying for it so that we could get it home and assembled. I thought George was going to have a heart attack when he saw how much the mattress was for the crib. The crib wasn’t that expensive but the mattress was almost half the amount of the crib. He wasn’t too thrilled. All in all it was an easy assembly and the nursery is looking more complete. Thanks to my Aunt Carolyn Wenstrup and cousins, Gretchen Zazycki and Shannon Wenstrup we already had the crib set and it matches the nursery decor perfectly. I will say that I’m a bit confused as to why the crib set even comes with all that it does, you aren’t really supposed to have a bumper in the crib right away! The poor baby can’t even use the comforter it comes with either. So basically you are down to the crib skirt and a sheet at first and the rest goes in the closet. So the crib with the skirt and sheet look really great. Check out the photo – the tree that my Aunt Carolyn painted is the perfect size to frame the crib!

{Belly Updates}

Here I am...there is a LOT of me, that's for sure.

{How far along?} 26 Weeks 4 days and under the 100 days mark for the countdown!

{Total weight gain} At my last doctor appointment I had learned that I gained 6 pounds putting my total at 12 pounds. My nurse mentioned that was a pretty normal hike and that Abbey was going through a growth spurt, so that made me feel better.

{How big is baby?} According to the website updates that I read each week, Abbey could be close to 2 pounds and is probably about 14 inches long. We’ll probably be able to find out for sure once we have our 3D ultrasound next week.

{Maternity clothes?} YES! And thanks to all my friends and mom for buying and passing along more clothes for me to wear. Its nice to have a change in the wardrobe even if most of it is “pre-loved.”

{Sleep?} Sleep is very hit or miss. I seem to wake up at least once a night sometimes twice and that seems to break up my sleep. The other thing is that I’m getting uncomfortable and my muscles are starting to ache because I tend to sleep on my left arm all the time or my left hip. Sometimes I just end up going out to the couch where I can prop up a lot of pillows to get a different sleeping position, plus I’m not waking up George a bunch of times from all my tossing and turning. Yea for leg cramps – had one of those late last week and I was pretty much trying to roll out of bed as fast as I could. Then I upped my banana intake the next day!

{Best moment this week?} There have been so many “best” moments recently! George feeling Abbey kick or what he calls “push” would be characterized as a best moment. Abbey loves to kick and move at night and I’m beginning to think she loves it when I watch Big Brother because that is when she seems to be most active. Another “best” moment was when George was putting the crib together and then finally seeing the nursery a little more complete. I can’t wait to fill it with the final touch – a beautiful baby girl.

{Movement?} OH yes! Most of her movement is at night and like I said above, I think she likes it when I watch Big Brother, wonder what she would think of Jeff being voted out this week. I’m sure she is as unhappy about this as her mom!

The baby apartment is turning into a double-wide!

{Food cravings?} After my 12 step program I’m finally off the LaRosa’s calzones but now I’m addicted to ice. YES, ice! I love the ice down the street from my office at the little deli called Silverglades. This has to be categorized as one of the weirdest cravings (at least I’m not eating dirt!) but its extremely low-calorie and refreshing! I just feel bad for my boss who has to hear me chomp on it all day.

{Labor signs?} Nope!

{Belly button in or out?} In….barely!

{What I miss} sleeping on my back or stomach (still true since I’m sick of the one position I’m sleeping in now)

{What I’m looking forward to} I scheduled a 3D ultrasound at the Becoming Mom Spa in Deerfield. We are going to be there between 27 and 28 weeks (September 1) which I was told is a good time to see the baby in 3D (thanks Lauren!) I’m also looking forward to starting the birth classes. I know they are going to have boring parts but its still fun to say, we are going to birthing classes!

I’m also excited about our shower with the Rockies this weekend. My brother’s baseball team who I have pretty much grown up with is throwing us a little shower out at Brookville this weekend. I love organizing and re-organizing Abbey’s room so I’m sure that will happen after this little party.

{Milestone} I’m 10 weeks 3 days from being considered full term! (slight heart attack when I said that out-loud to myself)

20 Weeks = Half Way!

{20 Weeks}

As of right now, time has been FLYING by. Each Monday morning I wake up knowing that it is a new week of pregnancy and Mondays just keep coming faster and faster. I’m hoping that time doesn’t stand still now that we have reached the half way point. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve mentioned quite a few times at how much I love being pregnant (and I really do) but after such a great ultrasound on Thursday I just can’t wait to meet our baby girl.

The excitement of Thursday turned into a whirlwind of emotions with “over the moon” probably at the top. I could NOT resist going out that weekend to look for something cute and pink and also to start our baby registry. The cute and pink was not a problem and actually Abbey was already spoiled by Grandma Carol with a cute dress, her Great Great Aunt Sue with a cute outfit (love the lacey butt) and her Grandma Bird with a soothing froggie night-light. *Spoiled Baby Alert*

Registering was…… well…..flat out overwhelming! If you have never been to BuyBuyBaby in Deerfield, let me say that it is a pretty cool store. However, just like BedBathBeyond (sister store) there is just so much. The first thing we registered for was a baby gate and we spent way too much time thinking about which baby gate would be right for our house. Not too mention the fact that there is an entire aisle of baby gates to choose from. George, myself and my cousin, Kat,  perused the aisles checking out all the cool stuff such as the spill proof bowls. You can actually drop this bowl on to the ground but it will not spill! The bowl closes itself up before it hits the ground. Of course George wanted to register for this, hell, I was half tempted to buy it on the spot to take home and try out for myself.

Moving on to the car seat and stroller system. Yes, it is a SYSTEM but a way cool system that we decided on. Some car seats come with a stroller as a matching set but I was pretty unhappy with most of the “sets” because they looked like big chunks of plastic and pretty much seemed cheap to me. Not too mention that I was looking for a car seat that I could actually carry and get baby in and out of without much frustration. After being around quite a few babies recently and checking out what they have I’ve started a mental checklist of features I like and don’t like in the frequently used items column, a.k.a. car seat and stroller. We “settled” on a car seat then moved on to the stroller system. Wow, this system is cool. It essentially grows with your family with the ability to tote around 3 kids. You start out with the base and your own car seat that you choose, then you can add another “seat” or you can add a kick-board where one kid can stand. At first I thought it looked too big but it folded up super easy and George gave it his test on maneuverability. Meaning, George literally ran around the store with the stroller making quick turns and gave it a thumbs up. Back to the car seat, we settled on one at the store but then I had George research the safest ones out there and we ended up being happy with the one we finally picked. All is right in the world! One last thing that I thought was cool at BuyBuyBaby, they have COUPONS!!!!

{Belly Updates}

Note: picture taken this morning in case you see me today wearing the same outfit, LOL!

Okay…..on to the 20 Week belly updates:

{How far along?} 20 Weeks 3 days

{Total weight gain} Recent doctor appointment + 2.5 pounds for a whole month (I was proud of myself) and only a total gain of 5 pounds for the pregnancy so far. My favorite nurse, Amy, said that it was all baby and belly which was nice to hear.

{How big is baby?} Abbey is getting so big! At the ultrasound last week she was already 13 ounces, according to the 20 week update I receive the baby should be about 10 ounces in weight and about 6-1/2 inches long.

{Maternity clothes?} Yes

{Sleep?} My sleep is good, George’s sleep is not so good. I tend to sprawl out in a queen size bed that really isn’t working for us right now. I woke up yesterday and found George on the couch because he was literally getting a sliver of bed space. That pushed me into a research frenzy on king size beds. I’m OKAY with this purchase except for the fact that our bedroom will be one giant bed. I’d rather get the sleep so king size bed/mattress shopping will be very soon. Any suggestions of what you like and where to find inexpensive would be greatly appreciated!

{Best moment this week?} Without a doubt this would be our ultrasound. You have already read George’s blog about last Thursday so I won’t go into all the details again. BUT I will say that seeing a healthy baby was crazy amazing!  Hearing the u/s tech say that there was amniotic fluid in the sac brought a smile to my face, then she said there were 3 vessels from the umbilical cord and the smile got bigger but when she checked the neck and said it was thin, it brought tears to my eyes. Our baby is healthy!

Hello Abbey Road!

{Movement?} On Thursday I drank orange juice to make sure Abbey was moving around enough for the u/s tech to capture her private part and it worked! Abbey was moving like crazy and I could feel it mostly. But since then I haven’t felt much even though we know she is moving. At our doc appointment with Dr. Caligaris on Monday he was trying to get her heartbeat (which he found) but she was moving around so much. I’m sure I’ll feel it more and more with time. I can’t wait to be full-on-kicked.

{Food cravings?} I’m still very much into golden delicious apples and Jiff creamy peanut butter but I think my newest craving would be a pepperoni and cheese calzone from LaRosa’s. I had one on Friday and have been thinking about it ever since.

{Labor signs?} Nope!

{Belly button in or out?} In

{What I miss} Besides the ice cold beer I can’t really complain about much. I’ve been pregnant almost an entire year (minus 2-1/2 months) so I guess I’m pretty much used to all the other things I can’t have. Oh wait, I ordered a salad yesterday for lunch and had to tell the waiter that I didn’t want bleu cheese. I lied, I DID want the damn bleu cheese but its on the list of can’t haves.

{What I’m looking forward to} Wow, this is a tough one to answer since we made it past our big ultrasound with flying colors. I guess I’m looking forward to finishing up Abbey’s room, sorting through all the goodies we have so far, finishing up our registry…. OH and redoing our bathroom. More on that to come.

{Milestone} I’m halfway there and Baby Abbey Road Herron is healthy!