They Say It’s Your Birthday, Happy Birthday To Abbey

What joy when we saw Abbey’s face as she began her third year! She is {mostly} such a happy, thoughtful, caring, considerate, and FUNNY little girl. Watching her transition from baby to toddler to now a mini-little girl has been a fascinating journey to follow.

Crap, Abbey bdayNot sure about birthday celebrations in your family but our celebrations typically last about a week and this birthday is no different. The celebrations began on the Thursday before her birthday when George and I met at Abbey’s school to celebrate with her preschool classmates. Daddy showed up with donut holes, which are THE most popular item to bring into a classroom of three-year-olds. The teachers encourage it and the kiddos go bonkers for it but of course they have it RIGHT before they leave. Coincidence? I think not! Abbey was wearing the birthday hat and all her friends at school sang their special birthday song and made Ab her very own special birthday “cake” during the song. She was glowing and smiling ear-to-ear! It was great to also get to see her in action with her friends at school. Celebration #1

On her actual birthday, Ab woke up in a great mood and was quickly greeted by baby brother for some snuggle time in mommy and daddy’s bed, which they both love. She was of course so excited to see Jack and actually sang him the “HappyIMG_3944 Birthday” song! Daddy missed some of the snuggles but he had an important job, picking up the birthday donuts for the birthday girl to have at breakfast and for her to share at soccer. Again, donut holes are the best treat to share with little ones. When daddy got home there was some morning present opening to be had and of course a brand new pink soccer ball and Doc McStuffin water bottle were a big hit. Balloons were just icing on the cake. After she opened these little gifts she was so happy and thanked us right away for her “best birthday presents ever.” Thinking back, George and I could have stopped there but of course we had more treats up our sleeve…when will we learn that a cardboard box is just as much fun as the $50 toys you buy at the store? Celebration #2

Off to soccer we go! Ab was REALLY excited to put her new pink soccer ball to use and also to share it with her other little soccer friends. We immediately went on to the field to talk to CIMG_3955oach Nicole (great coach at Wall2Wall in Mason) and then started kicking the ball and sharing with a little boy whom we have never met, but hey! Then Grandma and Grandpa Bird (Herron) showed up. Then Uncle Matt, Aunt Jami and Bubby showed up. Then Neighbor (Sandy) showed up. Then Grandma and Grandpa Weazel (Wenstrup) showed up, what a crowd! Uncle Matt came onto the field RIGHT away and took over as Ab’s buddy, no surprises here! Aunt Jami made an appearance on the field and really gave George and I a break this time. After her “game” we hauled off to play and each at Chick-fil-a, our favorite Saturday post-game lunch. Uncle Matt, Aunt Jami and Bubby were all there to have a birthday lunch celebration… you guessed it, Celebration #3

Our FINAL celebration (Celebration #4) was with our friends and family back at the house, our spoiled little girl was excited to have everyone at the house for dinner, cake and ice cream and more presents. What a great way to ring in the third year of life…remember this kiddo when you ask for a sweet-16 birthday or even when you are 21 that a lunch date at Chick-fil-a and some donut holes were the favorite birthday treats back then. We love you Abbey Road, thank you for being such a sweet girl. 

Time Flies With Two {Abbey is 2.5 years old & Jack is 2 months old}

I was just looking at my last blog post, woah! There has been so much change in my life since mid-March that I almost feel like a completely different person. Too much to tell you about so I’ll have to give the highlights:

Jack Edward HerronMarch 25th – gave birth to one adorable baby boy, Jack Edward Herron at 8:04am thanks to the amazing Dr. Caligaris. Jack weighed 7lbs 7 oz and was 19-3/4″ long. Big sister Abbey was a bit nervous about seeing mommy in a hospital bed but was a big help right from the start. Jack and I stayed in the hospital from Tuesday morning (5:30am yuck) till about 10am the following Friday. Jack left the hospital a bit smaller than when he was born but all the nurses and doctor felt that he was doing fine because he was nursing so often and having many dirty diapers… MANY!

We were thankful for the visitors and sooooo many people loving on both my babes while we were in the hospital. So thankful for all the help that we received, it would not have been such a smooth and enjoyable experience if it wasn’t for all of our friends and family.

April 7th – we closed on Willfleet and sold our house officially then a few hours later we closed on Keehner Ridge and bought the house of our dreams. THEN one hour after that we started on the many projects that needed to be done before we could move in.


Top left – Leaving Willfleet, Top Right – Keehner Ridge, Bottom – Construction!

Believe it or not, we were moving in and actually were able to sleep there only three weeks after the construction started. The team of help was amazing and 100% overworked. George, Mom, Dad, Scrooge, Kathy, Big Guy, Sandy, Bill, Mrs. B, Paul, Rick, Grandpa O., Uncle Tom and Aunt Teresa are all amazing angels! Can’t wait to have them all over for steak dinners one night (when we are more settled in).

Then there was Abbey, Jack and me living at Scrooge’s house – George basically just slept there – while recovering from the c-section. Sprinkle in Easter, more construction at the house, and then move-in weekend.


Jack one monthApril 25th – Jack is one month old and weighing in at a whomping 11lbs 4oz (77%) and measuring 21.25″ (25%). So basically our baby boy is short and very stout, haha. I was ecstatic for the weight gain especially since he was only 7lbs 4oz at his first check up which was only 6 days from birth.  I remember Abbey being on the opposite spectrum at this check up. She was longer at this point and was more in the 75th percentile for her height and about the same for her weight. Abbey’s chunk was more distributed and Jack is just very round in the face and belly, poor baby has some serious chicken legs like his daddy. He just felt like a different baby than Abbey but I still very much see many similarities in their face. Many of the same expressions and of course they both love mommy’s boobs, haha!

Between Jack’s one-month appointment and two-month appointment there were many awesome things going on all at once. More painting and construction at Keehner Ridge including Abbey’s new swing set for the backyard, hosting our first family party – Mother’s Day, finishing Abbey and Jack’s play room, and just getting more and more settled in to the new house. We were able to have some fun with a stop to the zoo one day and a stop to the Butterfly exhibit at the Krohn’s Conservatory with Aunt Sue and Beth. We seriously picked a perfect day for the Butterfly show so we decided to hit up Washington Park and toured OTR for Aunt Sue.

Work has been really busy, which is a great thing, so I headed back a bit early to get on top of some projects that were calling my name. It was much easier leaving Jack than it was with Abbey but I sure do miss them both when I’m gone. Abbey has really enjoyed her time with me and I have been so blessed to see her grow in this fun age.Ab 2.5 years old

Just this past weekend we were at Fox Run and it was so fun to watch Abbey run around and dance and play with all the big kids. She is certainly a big personality and demands quite the attention when she is in a big group, not exactly sure where she gets this, haha! We spent my birthday and Memorial Day weekend in Brookville and we seriously could not have had a better weekend. The sun and fresh air was a perfect get away.

Whew, I think that just about catches up to speed!

May 22 – Abbey is 2.5 years old, we don’t celebrate 1/2 birthdays but we did just recently watch Alice In Wonderland so we did some “un-birthday” celebrating instead! We were able to weigh Ab while we took Jack in for his two-month check up and she is 29.75 lbs. No measurement on her height but she seems more big-kid looking to me these days versus toddler so I’m sure she has grown!

May 25 – Jack is two-months old and growing like weed! I should count his rolls next time he is in the bath tub as I clean in and around each one….the boy is huge! Jack now weighs 14lbs 9oz (91%) and measures 24 inches (88%) and I’m crossing my fingers that he also finds his daddy’s height versus being challenged like his momma. Jack is really starting to develop a personality with lots of cooing, smiling and even a small chuckle. He is entertained and not phased with Abbey all at once and really recognizes when I speak to him. Of course he does, he is damn near 15 lbs so he really knows who I am!

Jack 2 months

As a comparison to Abbey at 2 months old – she was only 13lbs 2oz and 23 inches long, can you believe she was smaller? I just remember thinking how huge she was when she was a baby so this little boy is really looking like a bruiser compared to Ab. Here is Abbey’s 2 month post for just a little trip down memory lane.

Thanks for bearing through 2 months of posts with me, I hope to stay on top of these in the future with updates for both Ab and Jack but as most of you know it is straight up redonk around here so no pinky promises!

{Prego with Jack} 22 Weeks Update

Have to say that before I post any pregnancy update with Jack I typically go back to a similar week that I was pregnant with Abbey to read up, compare and to simply remember. It is so disappointing though at how few updates I’m doing with this pregnancy than what I did with Abbey. I guess I should give myself some slack considering I now have a 2-year old running around the house this time.

One thing I couldn’t help but to notice was the way I looked while prego with Abbey compared to how I look with Jack. I am obviously in a better state of health this time (especially with my weight) but geez! It is almost painful to look at the pictures, I look so uncomfortable. I can’t even tell you how much more active I am during this pregnancy (again, thanks to Ab). Since our basement is pretty empty I’m typically running around with George chasing Abbey, running around playing her new favorite game “duck – duck – goose” and I even walked to downtown Sharonville yesterday heading to the bank. YES – I am much more active for sure!

{Belly Updates}


22 Weeks Comparison

{How far along?} 22 Weeks 1 day

{Total weight gain} Not really sure at this point because I have stopped keeping a close watch on my weight gain. I’m hoping this doesn’t come back and bite me in the ass later!

{How big is baby?} Abbey was about 13 ounces (+/-) at this time and I can’t remember exactly from Jack’s ultrasound but I thought he was about 8 ounces at the time. I wonder if he will be smaller than Ab when she was born.

{Maternity clothes?} OH hell yes and I love them!

{Sleep?} Sleeping pretty good! I’m a lucky momma that Ab sleeps in till about 8:30 on weekends (don’t hate me).

{Best moment this week?} I think it would have to be when Abbey snuggled in bed with us this morning (8:30) and said good morning to Jack, tickled him via my belly button, shared her binky with him via my belly button then laid her head down on my tummy to snuggle with her baby brother. HEART MELTER!!

{Movement?} I’ve been feeling Jack move quite a bit lately. I tried to have George feel him twice but the little bugger was not cooperative. I really felt a strong kick today which always shocks me but is so very cool when it happens.

{Food cravings?} Just recently I’m craving sweet potatoes – timely with Thanksgiving next week.

{Labor signs?} Nope!

{Belly button in or out?} In

{What I miss} Not going to lie about this one, I.WANT.A.COLD.BEER!!!!

{What I’m looking forward to} Honestly, I just can’t wait to meet Jack. I love saying his name and recognizing him as a real thing. I love the smell of a newborn baby so I can’t wait for that smell again.

{Milestone} Not sure if this is something to be marking as a milestone but hell, it happened. I literally peed myself while sneezing Friday night so that is cool.



Disney On Ice And The Mickey & Minnie Meetup

The Herron family can go ahead and chalk this night up as one for the history books. Well, at least that is the case for our Abbey-girl because she got to meet Mickey and Minnie for the second time. Thanks to Feld Family Entertainment Direction, Adam, for hooking up the bloggers with this exclusive meeting with Abbey’s favorite characters. George was brilliant for capturing the moment Abbey saw Mickey and Minnie, best 30 seconds ever!

As soon as it was Abbey and Mason’s turn to get their picture with Mickey and Minnie, they both ran up to the beloved characters like they had been best friends for years. Neither one of them hesitated or were afraid for one second! So proud of these munchkins. Abbey just kept waving at Minnie, hugging her, hugging Mickey, blowing them kisses and then right before we walked away Abbey had to touch Mickey’s nose. Too cute!

Abbey and Mason Meeting Mickey & MInnie

And if meeting Mickey and Minnie wasn’t enough, Mason and Abbey got the best goody bags to root through before the actual show. Disney-themed goody bags included 1 stuffed animal, Stitch, 1 stuffed animal, Young Simba, 1 Disney On Ice 100 Years of Magic Show book and 1 Disney-themed photo frame. All this before we enjoyed the show – such a magical night!


Seats were phenomenal and the show was just as magical as it promised. Thanks to our photographer for capturing so many characters dancing on the ice. The colors, music, interaction from the characters, lights, costumes and fireworks!

DisneyOnIce_MickeyandCrew DisneyOnIce_Ariel DisneyOnIce_Nemo

If you haven’t already, GET.TICKETS.NOW.

Halloween will be a bust anyway – go to the show instead and enjoy a family four pack. More details on how you can get your tickets:

Show times are Wednes­day, Oct. 30, 7 p.m., Thurs­day, Oct. 31, 7 p.m., Fri­day, Nov. 1, 7 p.m., Sat­ur­day, Nov. 2, 11 a.m., 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. and Sun­day, Nov. 3, 1 p.m. and 5 p.m.  Ticket prices are $17 to $56 and avail­able at the U.S. Bank Arena box office, at all Tick­et­Mas­ter loca­tions, or by call­ing 1.800.745.3000.



Family Four Pack – $99.00 valid on non-VIP seats.  The offer excludes Weekday performances because of the weekday pricing discount of $12 flat non-VIP tickets.

4 – $20.00 tickets (Dayton only) or $22.00 tickets (Cincinnati only)

4 – 16oz Lemonade (in a Disney On Ice logo plastic cup)

4 – REG Popcorn Box

4 – Disney On Ice Coloring Book


  • Valid from Now – Oct. 27 (Dayton) and Nov. 3 (Cincinnati) at midnight
  • Good on non-weekday performances as noted above.
  • Not combinable with any other offer
  • $20.00 (Dayton) / $22.00 (Cincinnati) seating only
  • Cannot use with Ticket Fast delivery method
  • Valid online, phones, outlets, and box office

Thank you again to Feld Family Entertainment, what a great night!