Full-Time Working Momma or Bust

One series of questions I get on a more than regular basis since having Jack are the following:

One of our many adventures from this past weekend.

One of our many adventures from this past weekend.

– Have you gone back to work?


– Wow, already, how’s that been? 

The answer to the second question is the one I say with a smirky smile and sort of feel guilty when I say it. My answer goes a little like this: I AM back to work and I’m loving it! 

Which is typically followed up with…..

– Do you miss them?

um, DUH! 

So why do I feel guilty for going back to work? I shouldn’t feel guilty for loving what I do, I should feel blessed, grateful, successful, ect. but instead I feel deep-down that my answer should be something like this: Ugh, yeah I’m back to work but I wish I had 4 more weeks with my babies. The truth is really that I DO love my babies and I DO miss them while at work but I feel like my calling is to be a full-time working momma, not a stay at home one. I give mad props to the ladies and gents who stay home with their kiddos and I give mad props to the grandma and grandpa’s and the babysitters who love my kids while I’m out fulfilling my purpose as a human being – working in corporate ‘murica.

But look at how much fun she is having!! #worthit

But look at how much fun she is having!! #worthit

There are some serious downsides to working full-time, I seriously run my family bonkers on the weekends. It’s like I’m trying to make up for the time lost during the week but jam-packing every fun thing I can think of into two days. Especially during the summer, that is when I’m a family event planner extraordinaire, or at least I think I am. We are at the zoo in the morning, pool in the afternoon, swing set outside while grilling out in the evening followed up with a movie kind of family. And that is a LOW-KEY day!

Please tell me I’m not abnormal – please tell me that there are other full-time working momma’s out there that are feeling the same way, pretty please 🙂

Had to add one of Jack too, he's just so damn cute and such a good sport about his momma's crazy antics!

Had to add one of Jack too, he’s just so damn cute and such a good sport about his momma’s crazy antics!

Creating Weight Loss Goals + Update on My Success

Before committing my time, my money, my mind and my full SELF to losing weight, I talked with my health coach to see if this was the right program for me. During our conversation she asked me a few very simple questions, “How much weight do you want to lose, what is your ideal weight?” These were actually hard questions to answer! I had to really think about what I wanted versus what I thought was actually possible. What I thought was possible was losing a total of 30 pounds and I really thought it was going to take me a year or more to accomplish this given my history with Weight Watchers and counting calories. When I told my health coach, Lisa, that my ideal weight would be 150 pounds, she actually laughed and said something like “30 pounds ? That will be easy to accomplish, what if you could be 125 pounds?” It was MY turn to laugh because that is about how much I weighed when George and I got married and I was really thinking, YEA RIGHT how am I going to lose 55 pounds?

As of 4/23/13 (I weigh in on Tuesdays) I’m officially down 20 pounds in 6 weeks so Lisa was right (shhhhhh….we won’t tell her that, haha) and I’m feeling amazing!

 6 weeks and down 20 pounds

Pic on left is the night before I started my weight loss at 180 lbs, top right is 4 weeks – down 14 pounds and  bottom right is 6 weeks – down 20 lbs

My overall health has changed so much from the weight (obviously), to what I eat, and how I feel. Not only do I do a double take in the mirror sometimes when I see myself, but I actually enjoy putting clothes on that I haven’t been able to wear in a long time and then feeling GREAT when I leave the house. Even as a family we are doing more “healthy” activities together and Abbey is loving “poppers” a.k.a. peppers that I sauteed for dinner regularly. I mostly shop the perimeter of the grocery store and don’t dive into the center aisles much if I can avoid it.

What I’m really trying to say is that I’m creating new healthy habits for myself and my family and couldn’t be more happy about the results thus far! My next goal is to be at 31 pounds lost by my 31st birthday, I am now super confident that by May 25th I will have reached that goal. 

Walking 2.62 miles in honor and memory of those injured in the Boston Marathon, Monday night.

Walking 2.62 miles in honor and memory of those injured in the Boston Marathon, Monday night. Gearing up for my FIRST Flying Pig 1/2 Marathon in Cincinnati May 5th!