Saturday with a Pregnant Wife.

Confusing? Not anymore. I know this map better than I know my own job.

I think I speak for all men when I say running errands SUCK.  It sucks because men and women shop SOOOOO differently.  My wife is always amazed that I knew all the short-cuts through IKEA after only being there twice.  Are you freaking kidding me?!  The first time I was there I was in DEEP reconnaissance mode, every time she would stop to “browse” I had that map out and was studying it like a high schooler studies a porno.  I had to know the quickest way in, through, and out of this beast since it was clear that Jesy liked a lot of what she saw there.

Is there anything more awful than having to give up a day of the weekend watching her outlet hop?  Any yard work starts to look appealing.  It’s painful and normally wives tend to give up even asking because most of us men are just miserable bastards the entire time they are out anyway.  Jesy and I actually have a pretty good system worked out so that I do work at home while she is out and then she will do work around the house while I’m out for the ten seconds it takes me to run my errands.

But because of several circumstances we had to run errands….together…..all day on Saturday.  Jesy is very pregnant, so she just can’t run around like she used to, also she can’t lift a lot of the things that we would have to return or buy.  Would we make it?  Would I be able to last all day running errands and primarily shopping all day?  Would an 8 month pregnant woman be able to handle my antics when I get bored after she is on her feet all day?  Would things go smoothly, or become unhinged?  Would the world of retail buffoonery be our undoing?  Well spoiler alert, we did both make it home alive.  Let’s see how we did it.

8:30 am.

Stop #1:  Dr.’s Office

  • The Doctor was 30 minutes late due to some scheduling snafu.  That is not a very encouraging sign at all.  These are professionals, you would expect better.  These are people that we are entrusting with our child’s health, can we at least get the time of the meeting correct?  But after saying that, I must admit that the Doctor that we did meet with was pretty awesome.  She has kids of her own and they are pretty young, so she clearly knows the quirks of raising children.   And she happens to be in the office the day that Jesy will be working from home.  So I think we found our Pediatrician.  I don’t want to give her name out on here after bashing whoever does the scheduling there, but if you would like to know please email me, she really was great.
  • Prognosis:  Not the greatest start to the day, but after finally talking to the Dr. I felt a lot better.
  • Energy level:  7, still warming up, and a minor set back that slowed me down.
Stop #2:  The Home Depot
  • We had to return a towel rack that we had bought for the bathroom remodel.  No trouble here, we had the receipt and the old man who was working the returns counter could not have been more delightful.  He was like a Disney movie grandpa.
  • Finish:  Awesome!  We just made $25!
  • Energy level:  8.5, Two stops in and we have made $25, that is amazing.  The strangely delightful old man made me smile.
Stop #3:  Lowes
  • We have no loyalty, it’s all about the price.  So we spent a little over $36 at Lowes, we got an air filter and some other little things.  But here is the key, we had gift cards suckers!  We really didn’t spend a dime!
  • Result:  Sure they were all things that we could have got at The Home Depot and thus eliminating a whole stop in this disaster of a clogged day, but the whole free thing will trump every time.
  • Energy level:  9.5, now a miraculous three stops and still no real money spent, SAY WHAAAAAAA?!  Some one call Guinness!  I’m so excited that I could pee myself!  If someone had told me that you could actually MAKE money by running errands I would have started this years ago.
The next stop is going to be a little scary.  This is the stop that could make or break this whole day.  At this point I’m at an all time high, things have pretty much gone our way, we were cruising.  But the next stop had potential to wreck everything.  There was going to be a lot of shopping, perhaps long lines of standing, waiting, listening to idiocy, there was a potential that we would have to fight to get our discounts and there were going to be returns.  Ugh.
Back to our tale….

This is just the car seat and stroller section! The store can be a bit overwhelming! Oh God, I'm getting flashbacks!

Stop #4:  BuyBuy Baby
  • We still needed a stroller, a car seat, a pack and play, a diaper pail and a pad for the changing table.  Those were the big items, so we decided to return doubles or triples and try to bank up as much as we could and use any gift certificates that we got along with some coups to try to get the best bang for our buck.  The returns went pretty smoothly and since we had really already picked out what we wanted it was just a matter of going through and collecting it all.  Running through the store like we had won a shopping spree.  In all fairness, Jesy was really focused, she really stuck to the game plan and only got side tracked by shiny objects a couple of times.  But then disaster struck.  We got to the register and started having the lady check us out when Jesy suddenly realized that the coupons were at home.  NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!  We were going to make it, despite having to actually shop this time I was feeling pretty good.  But now we had to backtrack.  We would have to return home, which meant we had to take out the dogs.  Turd.  But I shook it off, amazingly.
  • Pulse:  A real mixed bag here.  Felt pretty good about the quickness of the store adventure and line quickness, but ultimately destroyed when Jesy somehow managed to forget the coups.
  • Energy level:  10-6.5, A huge drop off, but not near danger level yet thankfully.  A strong start to the day really helped power through this little detour.
Stop #5:  Home
  • I wasn’t seething on the way home, but I wasn’t thrilled either. For once I really wanted to try to keep it positive so I tried my best to just get over it.  We returned home quickly and let the dogs out for good measure and then began our trip back to BuyBuy Baby.
  • Feeling:  Getting better, did my “woosa” and got over it.
  • Energy level:  7.5, yelling at Carson randomly made me feel better.
Stop #6:  The Return of BuyBuy Baby
  • Luckily the people at BuyBuy Baby were nice enough to hold our cart off to the side since we promised that we would be right back.  They did, but we hit another snag with the coupons.  HEADS UP BUYBUY BABY REGISTERS:  Turns out that the 10% you get off after your showers are over is a one time deal.  And you can’t use it with coupons, so you could get 10% off your entire order that one time.  But the weird thing is that they will  let you stack any other coupons as much as you want.  So we got the car seat (Thanks Molly and Terry!), the pack and play, the diaper pail and the changing pad with stacking coupons and decided that we will save the 10% off and use it when we get our stroller.  But the best part of this whole thing is that because of the coups, the returns and the gift cards, we didn’t spend a dime!
  • Heart beat:  Racing!  A lot of upper and downers, this must be what it’s like to be Courtney Love.  But ultimately this was a huge win.  I mean we spent like $400 at BuyBuy Baby but really spent nothing, it was AWESOME  despite having to return home, I mean it was worth it for essentially free right?!
  • Energy level:  9, back on top after wheeling, dealing and swindling!  And as a bonus we still have money left on gift cards.  Technically 6 stops in now and we are still $25 in the black!  At this point I’m afraid to talk to Jesy in the car.  It’s like talking to a pitcher during a no-hitter, after a certain point you just don’t do it.
Stop#7:  Kroger
  • Had to get some chili fixings for what turned out to be the 2nd best chili at this years annual Wenstrup Family and Friends Chili Cook-off.  Grocery shopping is the worst of all the shopping I think, so this again had potential to really weigh down my energy level.  It didn’t help that I had to start this pit stop off with a flu shot at the Little Clinic.  Last year that little shot made me sick, so I was afraid it would do it again this year(so far, so good by the way).  Luckily, everything I needed was really in like two isles, so there wasn’t a whole lot of navigating or exploring or waiting in line.  Another potential disaster avoided.
  • Receipt:  Not too bad.  Got everything I needed for chili and we are still in the black by $4!  So we are now 7 stops in and we have made $4, to me that is incredible.
  • Energy level:  8, still feeling pretty good, but back to back stops that involved a lot of walking and actual shopping and heavy participation on my part has me waning just a bit.
Stop #8:  Kroger Gas
  • A necessary evil, but for the first time we are going into the red.  $50 in gas later and we are now $46 in the hole.
  • Total:  It had to be done, but it sure was sad to see the streak end.  It does help that I got $.5o off though.
  • Energy level:  7.5, Not feeling good about having to lose all that money at once.
Sop #9:   Smoothielicious
  • Got a smoothie and a chicken salad wrap for $7.  Both were delicious and we got to catch up with Chris who is normally working when we stop in.  A great choice for a quick stop for lunch.
  • Checkout:  More money going out, but again it had to happen since we needed to eat at some point.  And seven bucks is a pretty good price for two people any more.  So now we are $53 in the hole for the day.  Still not bad at all.
  • Energy level:  8, a good lunch helps revive me a little for the second half push.
Stop # 10:  Target
  •  More returns and shopping, thank God we just had lunch because there is no way I would have survived three legit shopping trips in a row.  My head would have exploded.  But over all another pretty painless trip.  Picked up about $50 of more baby loot, but again didn’t have to pay anything out-of-pocket because of the returns and gift cards.  Sweet!  The only problem we encountered was when I was walking the shopping cart to a corral, Jesy inexplicably decided to just hang out in front of a Prius trying to pull out of the parking spot.  Her excuse was the car’s engine was so quiet she never heard it as she was checking her phone.  Yeah, she was that lady.
  • Basket:  We finally quit hemorrhaging money which was nice.  Jesy almost got run over which was bad.  Shopping trip was pretty painless, so just a pretty mediocre stop.
  • Energy level:   7.5, nothing too exciting but the day is going to start dragging soon, I can feel it coming.
Stop # 11:  Everybody’s Records
  • This was a selfish request for me.  It was part of my good behavior treat.  So, we took a slight detour out to Pleasant Ridge to my favorite record store.  Jesy took a nap in the car while I shopped.  I have a small list of old records that I would like to pick up, sadly I couldn’t find any of them.  So win/lose.  I spent no money and Jesy got a nap, but I didn’t find any records that I was looking for.
  • Fin:  Kind of a let down, was looking forward to my one requested stop having a little treasure to shut me up the rest of the day and they failed to come through for me.  Suck.
  • Energy level:  What I was hoping to give me a little boost sadly dropped me a little to 7.0.
Stop # 12:  Kenwood Mall

Yup, it was time to put on the adult diapers and take a nap. Hope I didn't have corn last night.

  • The last stop of the day and it was my turn for a nap.  These were all Jesy stops that I was not even remotely needed for and I was ready to call it a day for certain.  Jesy hit up Lenscrafters and got her glasses adjusted…for free.  Nicely done dear.  Now she will stop cursing because they won’t be sliding off her face.  Then she went to Build-A-Bear to get a recorder to record Abbey’s heart beat on Thursday at our next ultrasound.  That set us back a perfectly acceptable $8 taking our total to $61 spent in real money.  Next she went to Sephora to get makeup.  A whopping $27!  The only other time we spent more real money at one time today was when we put gas in the car that was virtually empty.  Better be the best makeup ever….just saying.  We are now $86 in the hole for the day, at least we didn’t break $100!
  • Trip Conclusion:  I got a much-needed nap, and when she got back I was out of it from napping, so I had no idea how much she spent until I started to write this, so I didn’t have that to be upset about.  I just knew we were headed home, so I was pretty happy!
  • Energy level:  7.5, got a nice little nap and the end was in sight so there was reason to be pretty optimistic.

Arrive home at 4:30 pm

  • 8 hours of errands.
  • $86 spent, $7.16 per stop, not bad at all.
  • 52.3 miles total trip
  • We didn’t kill each other.  In fact it was a pretty good day despite a couple hiccups.
We managed to finish off most of the big items that we NEEDED on our registry and just get stuff done that needed to get done.  I know with a child on the way that my life won’t be slowing down for the next 20 some years, so it was good to get a trial run in like this to make sure my fragile mental state can handle it.
Next challenge will be the drive to the hospital!  Hopefully it won’t be during some rush hour, and so help me God if there is a wreck!

Small Success but Big Smile

Today is weigh-in day for me and today also marks one week on Weight Watchers using their new “Points Plus” program. Many of you who have done Weight Watchers in the past, and let’s face it there are a lot of us who have tried it at least once, will know the program for their “Points.” Points Plus is similar in that you are still tracking value for the food that you put in your mouth and the activity for the time that you are moving your body. However, Points Plus has now redefined the way you count your food values because not all calories are created equal. Calorie counting was a piece of the puzzle when calculating your “Points” but as Weight Watchers describes it, a 100 calorie apple and a 100 calorie bag of cookies or chips should not be considered as the same value. So, now they aren’t!

This has been only a minor adjustment thus far but an adjustment when looking at the older packaging of foods in the grocery store. On Sunday I went crazy at Kroger and bought up just about everything I could remember eating when I first started Weight Watchers back in 2004. As I go to heat my Progresso Light Soup that is labeled, “1 Point” from Weight Watchers, I need to remember to double check my work. Glad I did because this 1 Point per serving soup is actually 2 Points Plus per serving and I have now doubled my intake for the program. Not a big deal because we are talking 4 points versus 2 points but some of you know that when tracking sometimes the littlest snack or extra portion can make a difference.

For those who are starting a new weight loss journey for 2011, I suggest to give Weight Watchers another try. The tools available to you are extremely helpful and especially if you are always on the go. I have used my iPhone Weight Watchers application just about every day this week and I think it will be a difference maker for me in my weight loss. As I mentioned in a previous post, I’m able to update my Plan Manager on the fly or make choices at a restaurant that won’t be a deal breaker on the scale.

So how did I do this week? I’m happy to say that I do have small successes this week and one is that I lost one pound. It is only one pound but that one pound was lost during a whacky week with family gatherings, eating out a few times (a-hem Chipotle), and surviving a New Year’s Eve hangover. * Also, I was able to schedule in a few workouts and start my 6am boot camp. Starting these work outs and boot camp and actually going at 6am is a small success but it all puts a huge smile on my face that I was able to say I was going to do it and followed through. I didn’t cop-out at 5:30am and fall back asleep, I actually got up on time (no snooze) and was out of the house earlier than I expected.

If any of my blog followers are also doing Weight Watchers and you have some recipes to share, a success that you want others to know about, even a question or concern – go ahead and post it or email me and we can discuss. Isn’t food and overeating fun? HaHa! I know that deep down in me and everyone else who is on a weight loss journey that there is a way to overcome the temptations but getting to that point is the hardest part!

“Christmas Shopping.”

Clearly this Christmas Shopping Tradition goes back a ways.

I have been a part of the Wenstrup family for 9 Christmas’ at this point and this is the first year I was invited to go along on the men’s annual “Christmas Shopping Adventure.”  I was so excited when I was first invited that I almost peed myself.  Finally, I get to take part in the time old tradition that always had good stories to tell afterward.

For you see, this was not any ordinary shopping trip.  For years these men have gone out under the guise of shopping for their significant others and got stupid drunk instead.  I of course can’t drink, but the stories that have always been told about this night are legendary, and I wanted in.  I suppose there are some years that people actually do have to go shopping, in that unlikely event he would be made fun of all night for interrupting or delaying the drinking for actual shopping.  LAME.  But of course the legend does have it that it did all start as shopping for jewelry first, which would take all of 10 minutes in Newport. And since they were already in Newport why not hang out and drink with the other three hours to kill.

So the legend goes.

So here is my entry to the mythology of  “Christmas Shopping.”

Cast of Characters:

  • John Wenstrup – The leader and worst organized.  He has a penchant for over drinking and cracking wise at the least advantageous moments.
  • Paul Clements – Second in command.  He easily has the biggest mouth, but swears to have never been in a fight.
  • Randy White – The peace keeper.  A new addition to the outfit, but fits in like a glove with the rest of the “Wild Hogs.”
  • Bill Meinhardt – The innocent.  I’m not sure Bill quite new what he was getting into.
  • Matt Wenstrup – The enforcer.  Knows immediately where all bottles are that could be weapons when entering a bar.
  • George Herron (Me) – The DD.  Due to a close call last year with the local police, my bodies resistance for any sort of alcohol, and I’m nearly positive Jesy “secretly” asking that John involve me.  The stars were aligned; it was my call to the big leagues.  If nothing else, so that they have a driver.

Would I blow it?  Being the DD with a crew like this would require focus and a swivel head, eyes constantly moving.  Closest exits, fire extinguishers, knowing where the biggest guy in the bar was, bathrooms, how many pool cues, where wallets were, you had to know all these things.  Driving a large car full of drunks of this magnitude through the back roads of Liberty Township.  Three different directions being thrown at you all at once, just having to kind of MacGyver the directions together and make my own.

I wish I could put this on my resume somehow.

Storage Unit:

Like all adventures, there is quite an auspicious start.  We were driving Randy’s Tahoe, since it was the only vehicle that was going to be able to contain the craziness that we were packing.  Randy, Matt and I had to stop at the storage unit to pick up the back seats.  First off, back seats were a little buried.   Not tragic, but come on now, it’s freezing out here!  Then there was the matter of, “it’s a lot easier to take them out than put them back in” issue that you always seem to have.  Matt and I just get to stand there and watch Randy wrestle with the back seats for like 15 minutes.  I mean, there wasn’t any room for us to actually help, and no one had a flash light of course, so we just kind of had to just stand there and quietly ask if he wanted us to look at it.  I mean you just can’t throw that out there, that’s like calling a man a less of a man, you just can’t do that.  So we just kind of stood there and our penance was freezing to death, but Randy got it and then we were off to our first stop to pick up Bill.  None of us could tell you how the seats work, Randy included, getting those seats to stick was luck.

Win, Place or Show:

The rest of the passenger pick up went as predictable.  Randy drove all the way to this the first official leg of the race, so I actually had to first test those back seats that were wrestled to submission installed by Randy.  I survived, so Randy won.  Being what I thought would be the safest of the bars to order actual food and the fact that it was 7 or after it just made sense to get some food here.  Horrible call.  It took FOREVER to get the order in and then it took FOREVER to get the food.  And this food wasn’t even worth waiting 3 minutes for.  Their covered cheese fries came 1/4 covered in the thinnest layer of cheese I had ever seen, with about 5 bacon bits on top and a half a cup of ranch on the side.  I ordered a bacon cheese burger plain.  I got it loaded and to make it worse that meant some weird sauce, either tartar, or some weird Italian concoction.  And the burger was sub par even without all those issues.  Then there was the matter of waiting for the checks to arrive so we could get the eff out of that nightmare.  While waiting for our waitress whose last name must have been Houdini, we had to suffer through the beginning of karaoke night.  I hate karaoke and already being annoyed didn’t help that.  This night had potential to get ugly before it really starts.

  • Mood(Group):  Annoyed.
  • Alcohol level:  A college junior after three beers.  Slightly buzzed, but feel that they have had enough to justify uglier girls hotter than they are.
  • Primary Discussion:  The GAWD AWFUL field that Eastern Washington has.  Boise State’s is odd and a discussion piece, but EWU has taken it too far.  The loudness of the karaoke.  Old men love to complain and especially about loud music, it was a recipe for disaster.

Peg’s Pub:

This picture could have been taken inside Peg’s Pub.

If I didn’t have lung cancer before, I do now.  But I knew what I was getting into, so I’m not laying blame here, just saying.   Highlights include; John had the first of a few Hudy Delights for the evening, cover band playing some good 60’s and 70’s hits, old man in sweater trying to get his bump and grind on with what normally would be considered cougars, but were just kittens for this guy, Doug standing us up for actual shopping, a man dangerously dipping a woman maybe three times his size and a guy dry humping a hanging banner.

Except for the pocket walls  of second-hand smoke,  this was a pretty good experience.  Peg’s does seem to be a hotbed for contestants for a show that could be called “So, America is pretty dammed sure you can’t dance.”  John also starts what will be a disturbing trend all night here at Peg’s, the bathroom run.  We would have been better served picking up some diapers for the man, or maybe next year look into having a catheter put in?

  • Mood:   Jovial.
  • Alcohol level:  A functioning alcoholic on a Tuesday night.  None could probably drive at this point, but I think they all could have passed the test.
  • Primary Discussion:  Sweater guys persistence and seeming skills.  Making fun of Doug for actually shopping.  Although him not showing up was probably for the best.  Had he shown up, I’m sure there would have been a billiards challenge and then all of us would have had to prove how big our penis’ were by trying to win, blah, blah, blah, you know the story.  Everyone is starting to notice how frequently John is going to the bathroom and the inevitable “let’s stop at Kroger and buy you some diapers” comments begin to fly.


Located in downtown Sharonville.  You will notice that we progressively go from worse to worse bar in terms of selection goes.   The place was a dive for sure, their tables were the old school tables that Wendy’s used to have.  But the band was surprisingly decent.  The bassist was crazy looking though.  Like Nick Nolte looking crazy, except older with a beard and he was wearing a crazy hat.  Smaller more “intimate” setting than Peg’s, but all smoking was outside and the band was an upgrade.  An apparent bar fly named Lacy was invited to sing a couple songs, she delivered a quite passable Patsy Cline and the rest was some rockabilly and Southern Rock.

The primary source of entertainment was John jumping “on stage” and singing Elvis’ “Are you Lonesome Tonight?”  He did quite well until he starts to forget the words and the guitarist has to help out.  Kind of a downer of a song, but I guess it’s best to stay in your wheel house, no matter how many beers you’ve had.

Bill might be thinking he’s out of his element at this point.  Bill is not a heavy drinker and I know he has had over 5 at this point, and while I’m sure he doesn’t want to start getting lapped he knows he can’t keep pace.  Bill lies low, knowing that people are still sober enough to notice him nursing a beer.  He’s certainly not regretting, but he is beginning to see why he can only do this once a year.

  • Mood:  Rambunctious.
  • Alcohol level:  After the bar closes drunk, but still ready to go to the after party back at the house and make some more bad decisions.
  • Primary Discussion:  John’s performance, the tables being from Wendy’s, the crazy looking bassist, the crazy looking bassist’s hat, John and now Bill are having problems not peeing their pants every 5 minutes.


Closed.  The running joke was that we were going to have to take shifts going in and out of the bar because there was no way that all 6 of us were going to be able to stand in the bar at once.  But it didn’t matter because they had just closed when we got there.  Sad to think that a bar closes at 12 on a Friday night.  Paul of course is feeling pretty good at this point so he tries to argue his way into the bar, but to no avail.  So begrudgingly we head off towards the Gano Tavern.

Gano Tavern:

I was expecting worse that’s for sure.  While it’s not great, it’s bigger than it appears and just as smokey as Peg’s.  The bartender was nice enough, there were some that thought she had a nice smile.  I thought that her hair looked like she had just walked out of a White Snake video and that trumped any good feature she might have had.  After scaring off a couple of youkles we took over the bar with only Paul sitting on the opposite side.  This set up perfectly for sniping from all of us at Paul to continue for the entire time we are at the Gano Tavern.

Highlights include:  The largest man in the bar toasting to the greatest man he ever knew, his father.  This prompted the completely drunk and always sensitive John to toast the man’s mother.  The man stares daggers at John and warns him not to be a smart ass.  He had just buried his father two days ago.  Matt begins looking for weapons and I’m making sure people are paying attention in case this goes south quickly.  After another comment things die down and John shifts his focus to the lesbian who is also too drunk for her own good.  She stammers on about how her motorcycle is bigger than John’s, which delight’s Paul to no end.    Fortunately the rest of us knew that she really meant penis when she said motorcycle, so whatever.

As we were trying to leave John had made best friends with the giant angry man.  Of course he had.  So in an effort to try to break up their two-man love fest I begin conversation with the ogre.  Oh great we both work at Kroger.  He works in the store at Tylersville, I explain to him that I work in the IT department.  He asks if I know Meg.  I don’t.  Then it gets really weird.  He puts his arm around me and starts insisting that I know Meg.  I get loose of him and start walking outside to the car and he starts to follow me still insisting that I know and work with Meg.  Hell he might still be there right now yammering on and on about it.

  • Mood:  Freaked out.
  • Alcohol level:  John Daily drunk.  No one could pass a test and everyone were talking in decibels much louder than when the evening first started.  We had also entered the one ups manship zone of the night.  The time when they all had to try to out story the previous person.  Like a giant pissing contest.
  • Primary Discussion:  John’s ill-timed and sarcastic toast, the giant weird dude, the group of mid-late 20’s homely looking girls that were having a party in the corner.  Why were they there of all places? Was it the appeal of bad lighting and smokey atmosphere to give the vague appearance to really drunk men that you might be attractive?  I can see no other reason.  Paul screaming “bar bitch” at the guy behind the bar.

Liberty Inn:

Randy’s inspiration.

The last stop of the evening as far as the bars are concerned.  And coincidentally (due to the main conversation that took palce here) the only place that John was ever almost in a fight.  The legendary “Hold my Palm Pilot,” fight.  Paul spent most of the time harassing the waitress for Pizza that she had expressly told him when we walked in that the kitchen was closed.  John was starting to run out of steam and was falling asleep at the table.  Matt and Paul and Randy were talking about fighting.  Paul said Matt was dumb for getting in fights, Matt said that sometimes he just didn’t have a choice.  Matt called Paul a liar when Paul announced that somehow with as big of a mouth he has he has never been in a fight.  Randy tried to point out both sides of each of their stories to make peace, Matt can’t walk away so the arguing continued.  Then Matt played the “you hated me when I dated your daughter card.”  Paul denied any malicious intent and the rest of us just awkwardly laughed.

You could tell that the evening was coming to an end.  Too much alcohol mixed with the late hour was starting to take its toll.  I think everyone only had one beer before we decided to call it a night and head back to Randy’s so that I could pick up Jesy who was helping Jami and Dina with Mason and drive everyone else home.

Good news is that sometime during this leg I was asked to come back for next year.  So I must have passed the audition!

  • Mood:  Reflective.
  • Alcohol level:  A Catholic School teacher the day after classes are over.  So drunk Lindsey Lohan thinks you have a problem.
  • Primary Discussion:  Paul’s claim to have never been in a fight.  All of Matt’s fights.  Randy’s previous arm wrestling experience.  Food.

Randy’s House:

Getting there was a slight adventure.  I had the not so easy task of deciphering several different directions at once.  They were directions given by drunks on top of that.  We dropped off Matt and Randy.  We were going to have a billiards tournament at Randy’s house that would have happened at Peg’s but Jesy said hell no, cracked the whip and forced the drunks back out to the car.  On the way out Paul made sure to yell up the stairs to wake up Dina.  I believe Randy was yelling as well, which will probably get him grounded.  Not a smart play Randy, but eleventy seven beers later what can you do?

  • Mood:  Exhausted.
  • Alcohol level:  Waining at this point.  We’ve probably come down a little bit, so I would say we are back down to Liza Minelli in the 90’s.
  • Primary Discussion:  Where to pick up food.

Dropping off the rest of the crew:

Other than Paul NOT paying me (and you know what for Paul, it was for $5) and having to stop and get White Castle’s, the trip home went without incident.  John took turns passing out and taking bites of his sliders and Paul talked our ears off.  It was a nice conclusion to the evening.  I was concerned when we dropped John off however.  I had to get out to open the garage door for him and he was kicking stuff as he trudged through the garage.  I was worried he wouldn’t have enough steam to make it to bed.  but it wasn’t like I was going to help him either.  So away Jesy and I went to finally return home and reminisce on a pretty entertaining night.

A great time, with great men.  I can’t wait to do it all again next year.