Christmas is RUINED!

“Christmas is RUINED!”

That is a direct quote from yours truly last night as I’m pacing the house in search of the beloved gift card for $100 to Pottery Barn. I have searched my purses, I have searched the office, I have searched my car (even the truck, wowza), I have searched the entertainment center, I have searched the drawer of gift cards, I have searched ever effing pile of papers that exists in our house but I can NOT find that flipping gift card.

I had grand plans to buy Abbey an over-sized chair that Pottery Barn Kids calls their “Anywhere Chair” as one of her Christmas presents with that gift card. I had already envisioned the perfect scene on Christmas morning with this colorful chair with her name embroidered on it with her other presents from Santa stacked neatly on the cushion. I also envisioned the other perfect scene where Abbey is reading all her favorite books from this perfect Abbey-sized chair, I just know she will love it. And the “cheap-o” in me was really excited that I was going to be able to use a gift card to create these perfect scenes.

Some bonus to the Herron-house scavenger hunt:

  • pool passes that I lost after the 2011 pool season
  • $7 that was also in the little wristlet with the pool passes
  • lost insurance cards
  • a gazillion lip glosses and chapsticks
  • three sweaters/sweatshirts
  • a cleaned out car, including some unwanted junk in the trunk (if only I could be talking about unwanted fat on my A$$)
  • cleaned out entertainment center
  • a journey down memory lane as I went through all pictures in the entertainment center
  • a cleaner office
  • three cleaned out purses
  • and a major tampon stash

But no gift card…

Many prayers will be said to dear St. Anthony to help me find the card starting now!