When Your Baby is Sick

After this past week I’m convinced that there are little to no things worse than when your baby is sick. Abbey has been sick since last Wednesday with coughing, cold-like symptoms and a fever. I can’t tell you which out of these symptoms are worse because they all suck in my book. I have also felt like garbage with a cough, needless to say it has been fun at The Herron Nest.

The weekend was up and down like Abbey’s fever. You could tell she wanted to play so bad but just got worn out quicker than normal. It is amazing to me how well babies handle being sick, she is a champ compared to me. However, we were at a point on Saturday night when I called my mom in tears, but that is what I do. Just like the Blake Shelton song suggests “call up momma when all else fails” and I really did need to hear my mom’s voice once Abbey threw up Tylenol for the second time after we discovered she had a 102 fever. This was also after I had called the doctor on-call for reassurance that we were doing the right thing and to just TRIPLE check that there was nothing else we could do for Abbey. I hate feeling helpless and really just wanted the doctor (or my mom) to tell me about this magical thing that I never knew about that was going to cure Abbey right away. As you know, that magical thing doesn’t exist. The closest solution was the Tylenol that ended up all over George and the living room floor.

Of course in Abbey-fashion she was still smiling and cute and let mommy do a mini photo session to capture my growing baby.

Happy 4 months old Abbey Road!

Luckily, late Sunday afternoon Abbey’s temperature started to drop on its own which was a huge relief for George and I. She is still coughing (so am I) which is still concerning but I’m hoping that we are at the tail-end of this nasty bug. To be safe we have her cool mist humidifier running all day and all night, the nose frida to keep her boogies to a minimum and these awesome Boogie Wipes, gentile saline wipes, to wipe her mouth and nose. Have you ever heard of these things? You can go to their website, join the Boogie Bunch and get $0.50 off.

Once we survive the first time Abbey has been sick I’ll be looking forward to her never being sick again. Obviously this is impossible but a mom can hope, right? Do you remember the first time your baby was sick? How did you cope? I’m pretty sure I won’t forget this past weekend, at least not for a long time.