When Your Baby is Sick

After this past week I’m convinced that there are little to no things worse than when your baby is sick. Abbey has been sick since last Wednesday with coughing, cold-like symptoms and a fever. I can’t tell you which out of these symptoms are worse because they all suck in my book. I have also felt like garbage with a cough, needless to say it has been fun at The Herron Nest.

The weekend was up and down like Abbey’s fever. You could tell she wanted to play so bad but just got worn out quicker than normal. It is amazing to me how well babies handle being sick, she is a champ compared to me. However, we were at a point on Saturday night when I called my mom in tears, but that is what I do. Just like the Blake Shelton song suggests “call up momma when all else fails” and I really did need to hear my mom’s voice once Abbey threw up Tylenol for the second time after we discovered she had a 102 fever. This was also after I had called the doctor on-call for reassurance that we were doing the right thing and to just TRIPLE check that there was nothing else we could do for Abbey. I hate feeling helpless and really just wanted the doctor (or my mom) to tell me about this magical thing that I never knew about that was going to cure Abbey right away. As you know, that magical thing doesn’t exist. The closest solution was the Tylenol that ended up all over George and the living room floor.

Of course in Abbey-fashion she was still smiling and cute and let mommy do a mini photo session to capture my growing baby.

Happy 4 months old Abbey Road!

Luckily, late Sunday afternoon Abbey’s temperature started to drop on its own which was a huge relief for George and I. She is still coughing (so am I) which is still concerning but I’m hoping that we are at the tail-end of this nasty bug. To be safe we have her cool mist humidifier running all day and all night, the nose frida to keep her boogies to a minimum and these awesome Boogie Wipes, gentile saline wipes, to wipe her mouth and nose. Have you ever heard of these things? You can go to their website, join the Boogie Bunch and get $0.50 off.

Once we survive the first time Abbey has been sick I’ll be looking forward to her never being sick again. Obviously this is impossible but a mom can hope, right? Do you remember the first time your baby was sick? How did you cope? I’m pretty sure I won’t forget this past weekend, at least not for a long time.

New Mom Must-Haves

I was recently asked about the top five must-haves for a new mom and thought I’d share the list with all of you just in case you need it too. I’d also ask that if you have any other “must-haves”  to add to the list, please do so to be a great reference for other new mommies.

1. Thank you to a very generous and kind friend, Amy Broghamer, we received a special package just a few days after being home with Abbey. Amy and her son Dexter sent Abbey a new contraption for her to sleep in at night. It is a GOD-SEND! It’s a sleeper called, Fisher-Price Newborn Rock ‘n Play Sleeper and you can get one under $40.00 online at Amazon (click here).  Abbey was doing pretty good in her co-sleeper but this rocking sleeper has an incline and more cozy and snuggled feel for the baby. Also, since she has been snorty-torty (thanks Julie for this term) the incline has really helped her to be more comfortable at night which helps me sleep better knowing that she can breathe.

2. Breastfeeding or not you will want to purchase (or register for) a Boppy. These half-moon looking pillows are great for those who are breastfeeding but can also serve as a rest to the arms when holding your baby if bottle feeding or just holding your baby. Other great uses (may not be recommended by Boppy) would be tummy time and a great lounger for your baby so they can sit up at an incline to play with toys and interact with you. Again, these last few suggestions are probably not recommended and I would always say to make sure you are with baby at all times when using the “bop” as we call it in our house.

3. A new favorite of Abbey (therefore our favorite too) would be her mobile attached to her crib. Abbey hasn’t started using her crib to sleep yet because she is still in her sleeper rocker but she received the coolest mobile for Christmas and so we use it for entertainment and development/learning time for Abbey. Her mobile is a Tiny Love brand and the particular one Abbey has can be purchased at Amazon (here is the link) which is worth it for 30 minutes of cooing (YES, she is completely entertained for 15-30 minutes with this thing) and sheer entertainment for her. She loves to follow all the objects as they go in circular motion around her head. This particular model comes with a remote control that we hung on Abbey’s door for a quick way to buzz it on or off. I highly suggest to check this out.

Fast asleep in her bouncer.....aww cute!

4. Other “baby contraptions” that are great to put baby down for a few minutes to shower, pee, eat dinner or just have a breather away from baby would be a swing or bouncer seat. George and I are lucky that Abbey loves both her swing and bouncer seat and each serve as great nap spaces too. Abbey’s bouncer was selected by George and he did a great job. It’s called The Automatic Bouncer and its made by Bright Stars. Just like anything else with newborns each baby thing is new to the baby too. It took many 2-5 minute intervals in each baby contraption for Abbey to get used to liking the time apart from mom and dad. Abbey’s swing was pre-loved by her cousin Mason but it is a Graco and can recline so she is able to take great naps in it as well. Both are great investments or good items to ask other mom’s if it can be borrowed for your baby.

5. My moby wrap is WONDERFUL! This is probably the most granola thing I own but I don’t care because it is fabulous. I remember the first time I was introduced was by my best friend from college, Erin. She had her newborn baby out to visit a few summers ago while we were traveling through Maumee for a baseball tournament and he was getting a bit restless in his stroller while we were standing around so Erin whipped out this crazy long piece of cloth and started to drape it around her body. I was floored. How the hell could a piece of long cloth hold up a baby and be secure enough to trust. You can check one out here: http://www.mobywrap.com/ oh yea, dad’s are hot when they wear them…or at least I think George is hot when he wears it snuggling with his daughter!

I know I said Top 5 list but when have you known me to not be overly-chatty…..right! So here are a few other items that are now staples or helpful in our house.

~ The “Shhhhhh” app downloaded from iTunes to my iPhone that automatically shhhhh’s Abbey in the middle of the night  when she makes noises using my recorded voice. Genius!

~ Nose Frida – Thanks to my friend Ali for turning us on to this snot sucker. LITERALLY! Check it out 

~ Halo Sleep Sack has been great to keep Abbey swaddled and warm at night. We have a few different ones to choose from, ie: light weight vs heavier for the colder nights.

Don’t forget to share your favorite item or items that worked great for you and your baby. OR you could always share what didn’t work so great, perhaps a wipes warmer? Who had one of those and thought it was a great idea (don’t be shy)?