{Prego with Jack} 32 Weeks, There’s the Panic Button Again!

I just got done reading my 32 Week post when I was pregnant with Abbey and I was clearly in a panic mode. I want to say that it is different this time around but no, it is the same! Here I am at 32 weeks pregnant with Jack and we have decided to re-list our house, who does that? Um, yea, that would be me! I haven’t felt the same “nesting” symptoms like I did with Abbey, ahem gutting our only bathroom, instead I have been into organizing and re-organizing clothes for Jack that I have received from family/friends (thank you) into various tubs. Pulling out the Newborn and 0-3 month sizes only so that our house isn’t in a state of madness for the days we have showings. I’m trying to only think positive vibes for our house to sell quickly so that maybe, JUST MAYBE, we can be in a new house right around the arrival of Jack Edward Herron.

{How far along?} 32 Weeks

Ab joined me for my 32 Week picture{Total weight gain} I am feeling defeated in this category right now. I did soooo great about watching what I ate, making sure I wasn’t gaining too much and I feel like the wheels have literally flung off the train recently. George has been so sweet in this department. He tells me I’m “cute pregnant” and reminds me when I say I’m fat that I’m not and that I’m pregnant. I’m trying to not stress about my weight gain and to just enjoy these last few months of pregnancy knowing that I have the tools to get this weight back off!

{How big is baby?} According to the interwebs, Jack should be almost 4 pounds and Dr. Caligaris said that my belly was measuring perfect this time around. With Ab I was measuring two weeks later and just all-around much bigger. I’m wondering how big Jack will be at birth!

{Maternity clothes?} YES! I just requested ordered a few things off OldNavy.com with my rewards to help get me through these last 2 months. It is sooooo cold and I’m just wearing the same things over and over and over.

{Sleep?} Do I really have to sleep on my left side ALL. THE. TIME? I swear, I’m getting ear cramps on my left ear. I tell this to George and he thinks I’m friggin bonkers but it is true! I’ll wake up and my ear has the worst cramp.

{Best moment this week?} There are so many great moments while being pregnant with Jack. Abbey is a huge contributor to these moments because she is so interested and interactive with him/my belly. Another fun moment was my awesome company and co-workers throwing George, Abbey, Jack and I a baby shower. Could they seriously get any better?

{Movement?} OH yes!

{Food cravings?} Nothing really to report here except for the best adult grilled cheese and tomato soup combo ever! Thank you Panera! The worst about this craving (besides the fact that it is terrible for you) is that George absolutely HATES Panera, talk about a conundrum.

{Labor signs?} Occasional braxton hicks, I think?

{Heart Burn} You know, this was actually a big problem a few weeks ago but right now I’m sitting pretty in this department. Who am I kidding anyways, my Abbey girl was damn near bald until she was 18 months old. Know chance that Jack has that much hair when he is born.

{Belly button in or out?} In….barely! Each week I’m losing my “innie” belly button. (That was my update with Abbey and it is true with Jack) Ab loving Jack

{What I miss} Warm weather but that has nothing to do with my pregnancy. I just hope in April that I’ll be taking walks with my two babies in some nice spring weather.

{What I’m looking forward to} Just like with my pregnancy with Abbey, I’m excited to see Jack for our 36 week ultrasound. Just a few more weeks!

{Milestone} Not sure if these are milestones or just flat out dumb things to do while I’m hugely prego but we will be taking Abbey to DisneyLive in February, George is taking me to Wicked in early March and we are taking Abbey to the circus in mid-March. OH my lawd! I should get a shirt that says, “WIDE LOAD” or “PEES A LOT” because I’m sure I’ll be up a lot during these performances. But that is one thing I have learned with being pregnant with a toddler at home, life does NOT stop!

Here is my “comparison” picture of being pregnant with Abbey at 32 weeks and being pregnant with Jack at 32 weeks. These pictures never cease to amaze me and it just reinforces my thankfulness of getting healthy (the healthiest I’ve been in a loooooong time) before the start of my pregnancy. No wonder Dr. Caligaris kept saying I measured farther along with Abbey and I’m measuring on-time, on-schedule with Jack. My belly with Ab was HUGE (and so were my boobs, WOWZA!

32 Weeks Prego Comparison

Baby Herron Has a Nickname

When I was pregnant with Abbey we didn’t have a nickname for her. It was simply “Baby Herron” until the day we found out that “baby” was going to be our sweet Abbey Road.

This time it is oh-so-different because of Abbey. Baby Herron already has a nickname and is called this name affectionately by it’s older sister. Baby Herron is now referred to as “Squishy” or “Baby Squishy.” keep-calm-and-love-squishy

Sunday morning, as most weekend mornings now, started with Abbey kissing my belly and then poking my belly button and saying, “morning Squishy” and then gave my belly a kiss and sweet hug with her sighing, “awww momma.” Of course my heart melted a million times over for that sweet moment.

The name is  already catching on, when we went to Grandma and Papa Herron’s house last night Papa started referring to the baby as “Squish” and telling Abbey that she gets one rocking chair and Squish gets the other when they visit. As you see, Dora in Finding Nemo claimed that a ocean creature would be called Squishy and a really cute line from the movie was created. Perhaps we can find Abbey a big sister t-shirt with this line on it {or I’ll just make one}.

As much as I can’t wait to find out if we are having a girl or boy I’m at least happy to not refer to the baby as “IT” even if it is an odd nickname, it is still cute. I’m guessing no matter what we name the baby, Abbey will ultimately have the final say in what the baby will actually be called!

Did your baby-to-be have a nickname?

The Herron’s Have Fun News

This is one of those really exciting times that we have wanted to share for a while now but wanted to make sure it was the right moment. Well, that moment has come and now it’s time to share our super-duper fun news.


George, Abbey and I all got to hear Baby Herron’s heartbeat last week. Dr. Caligaris looked at Abbey when we were listening and told her “that right there is your competition” boy does he know her well. How do you tell a 22 month old that she is going to be a big sister? I’m not worried, Abbey loves babies and I’ll just pray that she loves her new baby as much as the ones she gushes over at the store or park.

Baby Herron (who needs a nickname) will be making his or her presence into this world next March. I’m 13 weeks along and popping out already – oh yeah and I’m already rocking some maternity clothes. I forgot how wonderful maternity pants were, so comfy!


As I’ve always done, I’ll be tracking the pregnancy here and documenting week 13 through the end of March when we get to meet our baby. So follow along, I’m sure it will be fun!!

Lots of praise to my oh-so-talented cousin, Gayle Rothmeeler, for capturing this moment and helping us to tell the world that we will be a family of four – Life Through the Lens

The never-ending To-Do list

Why do we women do this to ourselves? We create the never-ending To-Do list and then ultimately overwhelm ourselves to pieces. God love George, he has taken on so many tasks especially with me being pregnant but ultimately I’m begging to have some of them back, but why? Is it the thought of no control that drives me bonkers? Perhaps. Is it the thought that I think I’ll do it better? No. So what the hell is it in our crazy women brains that drive us to want to take on more and more without giving up the control for our loved ones to help us?

this pretty much sums it all up!

I’m pondering this question but of course I’m already crossing into the dreaded territory of completely overwhelmed. Why can’t I ponder this when I’m tip-toeing into the completely overwhelmed? It would be easier to return to normal if I realize I’m taking on too much and start hawking it off to someone else. But NOOOOOOOOOOOO I have to make life way harder for myself at a mere 33.5 weeks pregnant.

So what’s on my never-ending To-Do list:

  • pay my regular bills
  • pay my medical bills
  • pay George’s medical bills
  • clean up around the house (which by the way has been taken over by the bathroom remodeling construction, UGH)
  • finish “Thank you” cards from shower #1/#2
  • continue to add pages to my pregnancy scrap book
  • pick out paint color for the bathroom
  • pick out towel racks for the bathroom
  • pick out toilet paper holder for the bathroom
  • get flower arrangements put together for shower I’m co-hosting next weekend
  • move my office and re-arrange at new office for work
  • did I mention that I need to clean? The unorganized construction zone of a house is driving me slightly more bonkers than normal.
  • pick out new shower curtain to match new bathroom (shit, does this mean I need new towels and bath rugs?)
  • pick out new bath rug (I’ll ask for new towels for Christmas, whew…one thing off my list)
  • pick up make-up, I’m to the point of scraping out it out of the container to try to make it work for myself in the morning
  • Carson needs to be taken to the groomers
  • have to organize kitchen to fit Abbey’s incoming “stuff”
  • order blinds for Abbey’s room
  • submit information for health insurance – but first need to get the doctor to sign off on paper work
  • get a flu shot
  • plant the mums that are just chillen in my garden in their original container they came in
  • clean out the refrigerator
  • grocery shop
  • get my car washed
  • get gas in my car
  • put clothes away that are folded/clean downstairs (thanks to my hubby who does ALL the laundry)
  • have a manager’s meeting for Challenger Baseball and all the responsibility that comes with my role within the organization
  • organize Abbey’s room
  • doctor appointments
(yes, a lot of these tasks were a product of a scattered brain dump)
Oh man… I’m exhausting myself thinking of all the things that I need to do. But let me just clarify again that George does offer to help and does a lot to help but sometimes I just don’t know where to begin in giving him some of these tasks to do for me. Not only that but most of the time they just swim around in my head and don’t ever make it to paper (or computer) for him to see the never ending list I’m working off of.
Questions for you: 
  1. How do you manage to get it all done (unless you don’t get it all done in which case you can also say you are in my “club”)? Do you have a secret strategy that you can share?
  2. Do you push stuff off to your husband/kids/other to help?
  3. Do you simply ignore the list and just hope it disappears? (I do this sometimes)