35 Weeks – Getting to the “I’m ready” point

{35 Weeks}

Most everyone that I talk to who are either pregnant now or have been recently, have warned me about the 36 week mark. They mostly say that is when “I’ll hit my wall” or my breaking point with my pregnancy. Not that I didn’t believe them but because I’ve been feeling so great this whole time I just sort of took this information with a grain of salt. Well, they weren’t kidding! I’m now well into my 35th week and feeling like I’m getting to the “I’m ready” point. I’m ready to have Abbey, I’m ready to be done with waddling, I’m ready to be done with not fitting into anything, I’m ready to be done being pregnant. SHIT, its only been 13 months total (or something crazy like that) that I’ve been pregnant I’m thinking that my body needs a break.

I’m getting super tired, not sleeping very well, getting more and more heartburn and just overall ready to have a baby. Obviously I want Abbey to be healthy and also ready to enter the world so I’m trying to keep that in mind as I gear up for my 36 week appointment on Monday. I might just break down and beg Dr. Caligaris for relief and have him admit me so I can have the baby finally but again, it needs to be healthy for her. As my sister-in-law, Sarah, always says, “baby always wins.” Just another very true reality for our soon-to-be-baby-world.

I hate having a “negative” blog post so I’ll throw some very great positives into the mix. Thanks to my mom and Kat I’m now feeling like I have all of Abbey’s goodies under control. As George’s Aunt Mungy stated, “Abbey didn’t get sprinkled, it was a full on shower!” She couldn’t be more correct, George and I are so blessed to have such amazing family and friends who have given us so much to help start our new life with Abbey. Clothes, clothes and MORE clothes have been either washed and put away or separated in pink bins for future wear. I can’t express how awesome it is to know that we already have a few outfits for the 18-24 month stage and even 2T!

{Belly Updates}

{How far along?} 35 Weeks 4 days and only 31 days till my due date! (Due date is exactly ONE MONTH from today, wow!)

{Total weight gain} From my last doctor appointment I had gained 22 pounds. I’m thinking that on Monday when I see the doctor again I’ll be pushing the 30 mark. I just feel like a waddling blimp at this point. Its okay, comes with the territory.

{How big is baby?} According to my website resources, Abbey should be 18 inches long and over 5 pounds now. I’m guessing that she won’t get to much longer but they do say that she should be packing on the pounds between now and delivery.

{Maternity clothes?} YES, the extra large type. I am now rotating the same 5 or so outfits to wear to work, good thing I work mainly with guys and they won’t notice.

{Sleep?} BAH! Such a sore subject as I love my sleep. I’m having the hardest time getting comfortable now and the tossing and turning routine just causes pain. I talked to Caligaris earlier in the week because I was concerned with the lower side pains and he reassured me that would be my round ligament stretching and to just be more careful when I’m moving from side to side. *I have a sleep question at the end!

{Best moment this week?} Lots of great moments! Being overwhelmed with the mountain of diapers from George’s diaper party, spending time with George’s family for Abbey’s baby shower, and then organizing all of Abbey’s goodies and putting her clothes away. Just gets me more excited for her arrival!

It's a mystery week - just kidding, we are at Week 35!

{Movement?} My little acrobat is super active mid morning (10ish) and then later on at night as well. Throughout the day she will punch or kick here and there but when she gets on a roll in the morning or night it is just so amazing to watch. I just look down at my belly and smile and talk to her of course.

{Food cravings?} On Monday I went to Just Crepes with a few co-workers and had the pizza crepe….dear GOD, I want to eat one everyday. I haven’t but I’m pretty sure I’ll be having one more before the week ends.

{Labor signs?} I am literally questioning every little ache and pain but nothing that screams LABOR pains as I’m sure they will have me screaming.

{Heart Burn} Back to yes! I swear if I have a drink of water I get heart burn.

{Belly button in or out?} Still in, guess my little turkey isn’t ready yet!

{What I miss} CHERRY COKE!!! (YESSSSSSSSSSSS) And after being around a few parties this past weekend I could use a glass of wine or beer please. I also miss reaching my feet! I can NOT put on my own socks, I about passed out on Monday. Not worth the effort, I’ll go back to sandals and just have cold feet unless I can get ready fast enough for George to put them on for me. Which leads me to my next miss, ENERGY! Oh yea and sleeping on my belly. See, told you I’m ready to have this baby!

{What I’m looking forward to} 36 week ultrasound! Next best thing to actually physically meeting Abbey would have to be the ultrasounds. Not too mention that we’ll be doing measurements at this one. I’m curious if she stayed head down from the ultrasound on the 26th of September and how big she truly is right now.

{Milestone} I’m staying active despite the loss of all energy….okay I’m TRYING to stay active.


  1. How strict were you on yourself about sleeping on your left side? It is like my body is rejecting left-side sleep these days.
  2. Did you hit the 36 week wall? Don’t be shy, some of you already admitted this to me!
  3. For contact wearers – were dry contacts/dry eyes an issue during pregnancy? Mine are getting so dry now every day.

24 weeks – I can still shave my legs!

{24 Weeks}

Now that my belly is getting bigger (oh it is…just take a look below) I’m finding that some simple tasks are getting more and more daunting. I’m entering my 6th month this week and tying my own shoes wears me OUT! Never thought that day would come but its here and so I’m quickly learning my limits. Can’t take super long walks in the neighborhood anymore because the hills are killing my back, can’t really reach up in the cabinets anymore when putting away dishes because my belly will bang the counter, can’t stand for super long periods of time because my feet swell, need to hang on when I’m entering the shower…oh wait, that’s just because I’m clumsy! Either way you get my drift of the do-not’s and can’ts of the last 100 or so days of pregnancy. HOWEVER I can still shave my own damn legs!! Mass kudos to me and super plus for George, haha.

I am also realizing that my go-go-go full steam ahead personality is going to need to come to a screeching halt soon enough. It is in my DNA to cram as much as I can into one weekend, day, evening or just one hour and I am still doing this now. It must be pretty obvious that I’m in super go-mode still because my brother, Matt, said something to me about it. Yes… MATT actually said to me that I am going to need to slow down, but why is it so hard to do? I love pleasing everyone, doing everything and being the super wife, daughter, friend, aunt and soon-to-be mom which means I tend to be everywhere all the time for everyone. But again let me emphasize that I LOVE doing it. I love spending time with George in whatever he wants to do, my family, friends and especially my nephew Mason and I truly want to keep up with all the events going on with everyone. I just keep telling myself that since its the summer time there is more going on but as soon as September hits it will all start to slow down. Let’s see how I am doing with it all come third trimester (Labor Day), maybe JUST maybe by then I will have learned to slow down from light speed to mach speed or whichever is slower.

{Belly Updates}

24 weeks and seriously popped out...no other place for her to go!

{How far along?} 24 Weeks exactly

{Total weight gain} Doctor appointment today with a gain of 6 pounds…in 4 weeks…woah! My nurse, Amy, said that it was normal to have a jump in weight right around this time as Abbey is probably going through a growth spurt. Current weight gain = 12 pounds total

{How big is baby?} According to the website updates that I read each week, Abbey could weigh anywhere in the 12-20 oz range and length wise, she should be as long as an ear of corn. I’m thinking that she is having a growth spurt because I have just recently had a hunger spurt.

{Maternity clothes?} YES!

{Sleep?} My sleep is wishy-washy. If I was going to answer this question last week I would say that my sleep is going pretty much A-okay. But after Sunday morning and Monday morning I’m pretty much not sleeping well right now. I feel as though I can fall asleep pretty good (once I put my book down – side note: Have you read The Help? Super good book) but if I’m woken up in the middle of the night then all bets are off. Sunday night going into Monday I ended up on the couch at 3:30am and reached a new level of exhausted Monday morning.

{Best moment this week?} Last Monday Abbey full-on kicked me! I was getting ready for work and reached down in the bathroom cabinet for my hair dryer when she kicked the top of my belly. I stood straight up and probably made a squealing sound because I was so excited and nervous about what just happened. Then I reached down again and she kicked me again! It was great to feel.

{Movement?} As noted about the big kick above last week and most recently this weekend I think I’m feeling her movements more and more. I still feel flutters but occasionally I’ll feel other movements on the outside as well. I’m trying to get George to feel Abbey too but I think I’m feeling her more because I mostly feel it on the inside and so I can anticipate where she is and what it feels like. I’m certain in the next couple of weeks he’ll be able to feel her too. Plus she has hiccups a lot!

Happy 6 months old Belly!

{Food cravings?} I think I’m slowly getting over my pepperoni and single cheese calzone from LaRosa’s but then again as I type this I can feel my mouth water and might have to talk George into this for dinner tonight. I can’t think of other new cravings except for maybe grapes. I will say that I’m learning when I love to eat and when I don’t. I’m a big lunch eater and I can never seem to get full enough throughout the day. But I’m finding that I need to eat dinner early and not that much of it either. There just seems to be no more room towards the end of the day plus I don’t want to feel uncomfortable at night. I have enough trouble sleeping as it is.

{Labor signs?} Nope!

{Belly button in or out?} In

{What I miss} sleeping on my back or stomach (still true since I’m sick of the one position I’m sleeping in now)

{What I’m looking forward to} I scheduled a 3D ultrasound at the Becoming Mom Spa in Deerfield. We are going to be there between 27 and 28 weeks which I was told is a good time to see the baby in 3D (thanks Lauren!) I was talking with Jami who I share my doctor with and she told me that with Dr. Caligaris she went from a 20 week ultrasound to 36 weeks. I just felt like I needed something to break it up and it will be so neat to see Abbey in 3D and compare her features from those pictures to when she is born. (Also, still true)

Something else to look forward to would be purchasing our crib, I think we might do that in the next coming weeks. I can’t wait to get that all set up in the nursery and I have a feeling that it will really hit me when its there.

{Milestone} I’m 6 months pregnant!

Non-Pregnant body vs. Pregnant body

I’m just about to my 5th month of pregnancy and I have to say I’m really noticing the differences between a pregnant body and non-pregnant body.  Let me throw out a few examples:

  • Non-pregnant body would be loving a spinning class right about now.  Pregnant body will not attempt to climb up into a stationary bike and clip her feet into pedals to climb hills, do jumps or make my butt completely sore for 48-72 hours.  I’ll just stick to walking.
  • Non-pregnant body has no problem trying to carry all the groceries in the house from the car in one trip to avoid the multiple trip thing.  Pregnant body can no longer lift anything heavier than a gallon of milk.  Are they kidding me?  Do you know what I lug around each day (purse, laptop bag)?  These are all heavier than a gallon of milk.
  • Non-pregnant body could drink Starbucks 3 times a week (who’s kidding who, its more like 3-5 times a week) without batting an eye.  Pregnant body barely gets one Starbucks a week because what is the point of decaf coffee?  That is a bunch of wasted calories on a fufu drink unless it keeps me awake all day.
  • Non-pregnant body could curl up on the sofa and sleep or curl up in bed and snuggle with hubby and sleep ALL through the night.  Pregnant body tosses and turns ALL night long, wakes up to pee and is constantly feeling uncomfortable.
  • Non-pregnant body would have no problems crawling under my desk at work because I dropped something under the desk.  Pregnant body has to beg co-workers to fetch the cap for my bottle of water, but as you see in the picture they will get a mini sweet tart as a treat!

    my collection under the desk that I'm not able to reach!

  • Non-pregnant body can put her socks and shoes on without thinking twice about the operation.  Pregnant body grunts and breathes super heavy every time I’m trying to put my socks on but at least I bought slip on shoes for the winter.  Thinking ahead!