Marvel Universe LIVE! at US Bank Arena {Giveaway} (Winner has been notified)

My little boy is OBSESSED with Iron Man to the point where I begged all my family friends to donate toy catalogs just so he could look through them to find his beloved character. Then I found out that Marvel Universe LIVE was coming to US Bank Arena and that was a game changer because now I’m excited along with my little boy.12244492_749384278540666_4070523572738274506_o

Marvel fans, assemble! Marvel Universe LIVE! is taking the live entertainment experience to a whole new level, with a mind-blowing show unlike anything you’ve seen before. Watch your favorite Marvel Super Heroes including Spider-Man and the Avengers (Iron Man, Black Widow, Hulk and more) and threatening villains come to life in an action-packed arena extravaganza, coming to the Cincinnati. You’ll definitely feel the energy with cutting-edge special effects, pyrotechnics, aerial stunts, martial arts, motorcycles and more. It’s being hailed as the most technically advanced live show ever. Join Marvel fans of all ages for this once-in-a-lifetime, monumental performance. The fate of the universe depends on it!

This show is coming to the US Bank Arena December 17-20, 2015. There’s quite a few show time choices for all of the super heroes out there.

Show Times Schedule: 

Date  Morning Afternoon Late Afternoon Evening
Thursday, Dec. 17 7:00 PM
Friday, Dec. 18 7:00 PM
Saturday, Dec 19 11:00 AM 3:00 PM 7:00 PM
Sunday, Dec. 20 1:00 PM 5:00 PM


These range from $20 for kids tickets up to $120 for VIP Gold Seats. (For the kids tickets, here’s some more information: Not valid on premium seating. No double discounts. Child discount applies to children ages 2-12. Service charges, handling, and facility fees may apply.

Downtown Fun

If you’re planning on heading downtown after Thanksgiving be sure to look for some Marvel super hero fun in and around the square.  I saw first hand in the lobby of the Fountain Square Garage (upper level) some super awesome elevator doors decor, pretty cool.

What’s the show going to be like?

This video should answer any questions you have:

But, if you do still have questions, then visit the Marvel Universe LIVE website.

So are you in? I know I am. Would you like a chance to win tickets to the opening night show? Then here’s how you can enter to win a family four pack of tickets to see the opening night performance on December 17 at 7 pm. You must be 18 years or older to enter; and you must reside in the Greater Cincinnati Area. Tickets will be available at Will Call — a valid ID is required in order to pick up your tickets. Here’s FOUR chances to win (please leave a comment for each entry and I’ll use to choose the winner):

1. Leave a comment below letting me know which is your favorite Marvel super hero.

2. Like Marvel Universe Live on Facebook and leave a comment letting me know.

3. Sign up to receive The Herron Nest Newsletter.

4. Tweet this giveaway and tag @JesyHerron for it to count!

The winner will be chosen at 8 am on Tuesday, December 8. Winners have 24 hours to respond once contacted via email or another winner will be drawn. If you win, I hope you come to the show decked out in your favorite super hero flair!

I am a Feld Fam­ily Ambas­sador, and in exchange for my time and efforts in attend­ing shows and report­ing my opin­ion within this blog, as well as keep­ing you advised of the lat­est dis­count offers, Feld Enter­tain­ment has pro­vided me with com­pli­men­tary tick­ets to Feld shows and oppor­tu­ni­ties to attend pri­vate Feld pre-Show events.

Discovering Our New Backyard

There have only been about 8 years of my life (minus some time away in college) that I have not lived in West Chester. This statement is important because after moving back with my family a little over a year ago, we have discovered one of our new favorite places to have fun. KEEHNER PARK!

Honestly, I have not a clue if the actual playground is good or not, if the grounds of the actual park are kept up or not, nor do I know if the amphitheater is a good place to see local bands or not. What I do know is that the hiking trail and creek are awesome and The Herron Nest gives it 8 thumbs up. Hanging out on these trails and creeking is our new thang and I can’t wait to go back.


Standing up on a concrete/rock platform with ginormous water-hole behind us.


Said ginormous water-hole with a collection of rocks, including ours from that day.


The little Herron’s were all business with their rock-throwing skills.


After we hung out by the giant water-hole, we started to really explore what the woods and creek had to offer. I was so proud of the way Abbey went from, “these woods are creepy” to literally walking in the creek all by herself managing to go from rock to rock without falling or tripping. And if you know my daughter, a.k.a. NOT Grace, than you know that is a big deal.



On our way back out of the creek, through the woods, and heading up a pretty big hill, Abbey started singing and cheering on our family. She must have heard George and I out of breath hiking up the trail.


Enjoy this gem, Abbey trying to catch a frog!

Cincinnati All Star Game 2015 Mustache Locator Map & DCI Video Tour

So I’m not the biggest baseball fan {gasp} but even I think it is cool for Cincinnati to be hosting the MLB All Star Game 2015. The buzz and energy around the city is contagious! Everywhere you turn or look downtown Cincinnati you’ll find “ASG” or “All Star Game” graffiti. My favorite ASG Cincinnati additions are a toss up between the Mustache statues around town and the Scripps Building transformation to resemble Mr. Redlegs with the pillbox hat and mustache.

Cousins visiting from Atlanta enjoying the view of Mr Redlegs

Cousins visiting from Atlanta enjoying the view of Mr Redlegs

If you are in town visiting for the All Star Game or even a native to the ‘Nati you can use this map to help you locate All Star Game Mustache Statues around the downtown Cincinnati region.

Have you thought about using the Red Bike to get around Downtown Cincinnati while searching for the All Star Game Mustache Statues? Here is a fun video that my company, US Digital Partners, produced to give a fun tour of the Downtown Cincinnati attractions for DCI and to promote the new Downtown Cincinnati app. The app was produced as an essential guide to Downtown Cincinnati visitors and locals to find a current list of what’s happening downtown. You can browse restaurants, bars, shops, parking and attractions. Click play below and check out yours truly riding around Downtown Cincinnati showcasing all the great things to do and see while you are visiting for the All Star Game 2015 and don’t forget to download the new app!

What are your favorite Cincinnati attractions? 

What are you most looking forward to during the All Star Game 2015 festivities? 

Meals at Home

Not sure if you would call this a resolution, quest for eating healthier or not wanting to spend major bucks on eating out all the time but we have been eating more meals at home lately. OH wait! There is one more reason, PINTEREST!!! Ha, I love that beast of a social media channel. Check out some easy recipes below that are mostly healthy or at least can be altered to add more healthy ingredients (George is on the picky side).

There have been some great Pinterest recipes we have recently tried that I’d love to share with all of you: 

{Crockpot Chicken and Dumplings} Woah was this recipe DELISH! I took out the celery and other “green” items but this recipe could easily have vegetables added for extra flavor. I was a bit worried just dumping canned biscuits into the crockpot but that was my favorite part of the consistency and flavor. The house smelled good too.

{Meatball Sub Casserole} I tried this recipe out on my parents when George was not feeling so great and he didn’t get to try it. Both mom and dad were salivating over it and I thought it was pretty great too. I tried it again last Monday on my brother, Matt, George, and my uncle, Scrooge, and they all loved it as well. Matt actually asked me to email him the recipe. I’d highly suggest this one!

{Baked Ravioli} This recipe was tried on just myself and George and I loved this one. I ended up using the “meat” stuffed frozen ravioli instead of the cheese stuffed and George wasn’t too fond. I’ll have to try the cheese version next and see if he likes that one better. This was a source for left over lunches for me and I actually liked it reheated.

{Crockpot Hawaiian Chicken} So what if I have an obsession with easy recipes that include chicken and a crockpot. Just try this one too! Love the mix of bbq sauce and pineapple.

{Crockpot Italian Chicken} A bit of honesty here, we haven’t tried this one YET but it is on the radar for trying and I think we have it in the menu for this Thursday. Stay tuned! I can now say that we HAVE tried this one and it is my new favorite. Served over rotini noodles and topped with a little mozzarella cheese, woah it was good!

Other staple recipes in the Herron household that some of you might already know about but it is worth the second share:

{Taco Pie} Just a little hint with this recipe, DO NOT save your extra tortilla chips for like a year to use in this recipe especially if they are rancid. Yea, we had to order pizza few weeks ago because the pie did not taste that great. Otherwise, this is an easy one to serve dinner style (pie dish) or as suggested by my cousin, Beth, you can also serve in a larger pan and cut into squares to serve a larger group.

{Baked Ziti} This recipe started out as just noodles and sauce and has quickly been morphed to always having the addition of Bob Evans Maple Syrup Sausage, Y-U-M! My brother, Matt, actually bought that sausage once to add and it has stuck. This recipe was also a great way for my company, US Digital Partners, to support and serve lunch for the Ronald McDonald House of Charities, Cincinnati location. We made 10 pans worth of baked ziti for the amazing families who were staying at the house this past December.

If you have any recipes to share, please leave the links or recipe in the comments section so we can ALL take advantage. Don’t forget to follow our Pinterest board; The Herron Nest Loves to keep up with all the Pinterest greats that we have tried and love.